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This is not finished but go ahead and take a look! This is going to be everyone in my class even the ones who moved away or arn't in our class anymore! Well I hope you enjoy!!!

Jada Fosburg

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of A

Mrs. Stover's Awesome 5th grade class
Mrs. Stover
The best teacher like... Ever.
She lives... erm..... places.. with
her big headed husband.
just kiddin' with ya his heads
not big... wait no... I lied...)
Anyways! Like I said!! The BEST. TEAHCA. EVAAA!!!!!!!!
Jada Fosburg
Yep thats right. I know what your thinkin:
'Huh? Isn't "Jada Fosburg" The one who created this..?' Well even if you didn't think that it's true!

Jada Fosburg
She's a crazy and hyper girl pretty small but she's taller than... one kid I'll get to later... but
ANYWAYS!!! She's small. Also she likes making guess what..? PREZI'S! And video games
Well on to... "One kid I'll get to later"
Anderw Gaynor
Andrew's that "One
kid I'd get to later" He's
only 2 centimeters
smaller than Jada! (They
measuered) His favorite color is orange and he likes the Orioles and the Ravens.
Gabby A.
Gabby one of Jada's best bud's!
She's a gymnastics star and loves almost the same things Jada loves too! "Wa-what?! Enough about Jada?! Well here's my answer :

Nope. Sorry :)

Oh yeah I just wanna say gabby has blonde hair. eh he ehehehehe.
Carson Bauer
Carson is again one
of Jada's best bud's.
He Is a tall person with Dirty Blonde hair. He's a super good swimmer. Oh yeah never say your sport is harder or better! Thats whattcha call "Good Advice!" He Loves all 6 of his dogs but his favorite is 'Trig or Trigger the dog!'
( This is not complete but your
welcome to take a look!)
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