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Cell Phones Ban in School

persuasive writing

sean brandorff

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Cell Phones Ban in School

Cell Phones Being Banned in school Cheating
Disruptive Cyber Bullying Instant messaging friends for test answers,You can use the internet to look up answers on google and/or Bing,and you can use calculators. cell phone could ring in class disrupting
the rest of the class,it is a distraction
to students texting instead of doing class
work,it could keep neighbors off task knowing
that you are texting Rumors being spread around school using instant
messaging,threats being sent to the students,
being harrased by someone who found your
cell phones should be ban in school
because of the possibilities of cheating
on tests,being a disruption for students
and can be used for cyber bullying. In conclusion, we should all work together
to make school a safer and a more fun
place to go and ban cell phones in school
for the possiblities of cheating,being disruptive,
and for cyber bullying

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