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JFK 8 Presidential Roles

American Goverment

Madison Beecher

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of JFK 8 Presidential Roles

John F. Kennedy
Chief Executive
Chief Diplomat
JFK acting as Chief Diplomat in Berlin
Chief of State
By: Madison Beecher & Kaitlyn Brill
John F. Kennedy
Chief Administrator
Commander in Chief
Chief Citizen
Chief Legislator
(The President)
In order to be the president it is required that...
You must be 35 years old
You have to be a natural born citizen
You have to have lived in the US for 14 years
As the President you...
Can only serve 2, four year terms
Get paid $400,000 (JFK got paid around $100,000)
Some presidential benefits are...
A full time medical team
The Beast
Air Force One
JFK publicly speaking & acting as the Chief of State
Chief of State is the ceremonial head of government (symbol of the U.S.)
JFK acted as the Chief of State by winning the Space Race against Russia, resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis, and being a great public speaker.
JFK acting as the Chief Executive through Civil Rights
The Chief Executive has the job to enforce laws (has the countries executive power)
He acted as the Chief Executive by having the goals to stop communism, and to fight for civil rights. JFK eliminated racial discrimination by creating the Equal Rights Bill and he gave everyone equal employment opportunities.
Chief Diplomat is the main architect in foreign policy (& spokesperson to the world)
JFK served as the Chief Diplomat because he wanted to end communism, and he wanted to financially aid other countries. His most famous trip was to Berlin. And his creation of the Peace Corps helped relieve Cold War tensions
JFK serving as the Chief Administrator while at a conference regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Chief Administrator is the director of the U.S.
JFK was the Chief Administrator because he led the US in what to do during the Cuban Missile Crisis when it was discovered that Russia was building missile sites.
Chief of Party
JFK being the Commander in Chief
JFK dealt with...
Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis
The Space Race
The US took a giant leap in the Space Race and JFK eliminated the threat from the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Commander in Chief is in charge of the military and armed forces.
JFK after giving the most important speech about race relations
Chief Legislator is the main architect of the nations public policy (he can recommend laws).
JFK served as the Chief Legislator because he proposed many new social programs such as medical care to the elderly, federal aid for education, the Urban Mass Transit, and Department of Urban Affairs. He also worked on the Civil Rights movement.
JFK being Chief of Party by campaigning and gaining support of voters.
Chief of Party is in charge of the political party they represent.
JFK acted as the chief of party because made many appearances through speeches, he gained many votes from African Americans through the Civil Rights movement. Also through television he appealed to more voters.
JFK founding the peace corps acting as a chief citizen
Chief Citizen morally and ethically represent our country. They are a role model citizen.
JFK served as a chief citizen because he asked congress to create the Peace Corps. He also had a family and was a great father figure and role model to them.
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