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iQ Book One: Independence Hall

No description

Anthony Chiaino

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of iQ Book One: Independence Hall

I.Q Book One: Independence Hall By Roalnd Smith Summary The novel was quite interesting and was full of many mysterys. It was about a boy named Q (for short and his real name is Quest), and a girl named Angela who's parents married and they became a family. Their parents are in the worlds most famous band, Match and the family is going to live on a coach bus while Match is on their national tour. And when Blaze and Roger also known as Q's and Angela's mother and father leave the kids with the new bus driver Boone, lots of trouble occurs in the following days and some of Angela's and the world's biggest secrets are revealed. Sunday,August 31st On this day, Roger and Blaze Munoz become husband and wife which declares Q having a new step sister named Angela following his new step dad, Roger. They go check out the coach bus a.k.a their new home and find out where everyone is sleeping and what's the plan for the new family's national tour.
On the otherhand, you have the terriorists, Eben and Ziv who are spying on the new family for an unknown reason. Monday, September 1st The day starts out odd when Q wakes up and walks outside the coach where he learns that its parked on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. As he is half asleep, he looks up to find himself a man named Boone who looked like and old cowboy with a wrinkly face with no expression followed by a dog by his side named Croc who looked hopelessly confused whie his tounge sticking out folowed by a lazy eye. which was gray. He had a brief conversation with the man and when Boone asked him to work on their coach because it had a fuel leak and he wanted to repair it, Q was about to run inside to get his parents, then they came outside and lucky enough, Boone was no stranger, he was Blaze's old tour driver in her old band with her x-husband. They asked Boone to stay with them and become their tour driver so Blaze and Roger can get more work on their songs and rehersals and have some time to spend with the kids. Wendesday, September 3rd Today, Angela and Q went over to a restaraunt nearby Philly. They talked and tryed to get to know each other some more and tthey told each other about some of their past and what they want to be in the future. You learned that Q's dream is to be a magician and that he is excellent magician now.
While that was occuring, Eben and Ziv were landing in Salt Lake City, Utah on their way to Philly to catch up with the Munoz's. Thursday, September 4th On this day, Angela and Q has another chat and Angela tells Q about her mother. He finds out that her mother died November 30th, 2004 in a bombing at Independence Hall and that she was in the secret service and worked for the president.
Later that day, they reach the Electric Factory in Philly and they are left with Boone for a couple days while Match goes to their first apperance on national televison in New York on the Today Show and go to Chicago later to appear on Oprah.
That night, Q figured out that Boone isn't exactly who he says he is. He isn't the roadie that he told everyone he was. He is actually a fomer Secret Service agent who is now part of his own program called SOS. He explains to Q and Angela exactly who he is and what his mission is. He is actually there to protect Angela from the terrorists by kidnapping her. And unlucky enough, Eben was right outside the restaraunt they were in.
Later that night, Boone brought Q and Angela to Independence Hall to tell them a very important secret. He tells Angela that her mother, Malak Tucker has a 50/50 chance of being alive. He tells her everything about the Lebanese women who was a secret service agent and everything that really happened that night in November 30th, 2004. Angelas mother had a twin sister named Anmar. And there is a possobillity that Anmar is the one who died, not Malak. Friday, September 5th On this day Angela and Q run into Eben and his fellow members of the Mossad and Angela knocked them all out by kicking Eben's knee and smashing the others' shoulders. They were lucky to escape this time to safety, or Q and Angela were done for it.
Later Angela finds another clue if her mother is alive or not. The SOS has caught a picture of her in France with two other men unidetyfied and the face result came up scientificly a 100% match on Malak after scanning through the computer however it also came up as Anmar so they don't know which one it is yet.
The rest of the day they go through all crazy journeys that conclude to finding out if Malak is alive or not. And they run into Eben who pulls a knife on Q to get information out of Angela and it gets intense.
If I say anymore, it will give away the ending. Is Malak Tucker, Angela's mom still alive? Or is Anmar? Who was the one who actually died in the bombing of November 30th, 2004? Read the novel I.Q Book One: Independence Hall and you will find out. Main Characters Q Q is the main charcter in this novel. He is a 13 year old boy whose mom, Blaze and step dad, Roger, are in the band Match and lives on a coach bus. He is itelligent and loves magic. If you want to be impressed. Watch one of Q's magic tricks. Angela A 15 year old girl who's dad is a part of the band, Match and lives with her new step mom, Blaze, and her step brother, Q. She wants to be a CIA, FBI or Secret Service Agent when she grows up like her mother was. She is a girl who will never forget her mother who apparently died on November 30, 2004 and is dedicated into following her steps. Boone A man who tryed pulling off being a roadie however was figured out not to be by Q. He is a man apart of the SOS and is the tour driver of the band Match. He is a man in his fiftys and he is very intelligent. Boone is also protecting Angela and Q from being captured by terrorists to get information on what they know about Malak. I enjoyed the novel alot and i would reccomend others who like a good mystery/ action book, then you'll love this book. It's the perfect book on terrorists and americans and what will happen next. I like this book because i like mysterrys. At the end of almost every chapter in this book, there is a mystery which makes you want to raed the next one. Theme The theme of this novel was hope and to never give up or loose faith in something. Angela had hope that her mother would be alive. And hope brought her where she is today. Hope is an important lesson in life. Nobody should ever give up hope. And I know I won't because when you have hope, something usually always turns out great. Quotes "Was is the key word" Eben said. (on page 266) I feel that this quote is important because was was what happened. Now is a different story. What was can change from whats now. I feel that is a good lesson in life. "But she had a changed heart and wanted out." (on page 281) I feel that this quote is important because this person's heart changed. And now she wants to leave her past and start a new one because that is what her heart is telling her. I fell that that is a tangiable quote towards someone changing their ways in life. "You can't believe how much practice it takes" (on page 72) I believe this quote is important because you can only become great at something if you practice. If you practice constantly, it will lead to success. Like they always say, "Practice makes perfect." right? Opinion Figurative Language "Beep" (on page 93) is an example of onomatopoeia which is the use of words that imitate sound. "I was happy to get away from the bugs." That was an example of and idiom because you would think that the person is talking about insect type of bugs, but hes actually talking about liittle technology bugs that can listen into everything everyone is saying. I.Q Book One: Independence Hall sequal I.Q Book Two: The White House
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