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Save The Rainforest

No description

Dana Marie

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Save The Rainforest

It all depends
On what kind of world you want to live in.
Ways that we can chip in to make sure that the rainforest gets the protection that it needs and deserves you can
1: Reduce Reuse Recycle
Reduce the amount of items you use. such as paper, plastic, wood, etc.
Reuse things. most things can be used more than once. like a banana peal. you can put that in your garden and it will help the soil. you can also reuse plastic and glass bottles. Recycle. throw away plastic and glass in your recycling bin. they can use those objects to make other things out of them.
Thank you!
An area the size of a football field is destroyed every SECOND!
Saving the rainforest will provide us with food, clean air, medicines/cures/animals for medical research.
what do you want the world to look like?
So much of the rainforest is destroyed every day and it's affecting how we get our food and the air we need to breathe.
The rainforest covers only 6% of our world but provides us with 80% of our air and food.

Save The Rainforest
Deforestation Benefits
-Farm Land
Deforestation also leads to pollution due to the machines that they use to cut down the trees. This not only decreases our air supply but affects what we have left
The affects of deforestation video
Some may say that deforestation helps us more than working to save it because we need wood for furniture and room for housing due to the growing population. But we could surely find another way of getting what we need instead of dipping into this beautiful and important resource.
I know cutting down trees seems harmless right? they can grow back. Right? WRONG!! Once they farm they use up all the nutrients in the soil so nothing else can grow there. Then they just move on to another patch of land and do the same thing. The Earths land isn't replaceable. we WILL run out of land eventually. then where would we get our food?
where the rainforests are found
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