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White Elephants - Bright Future or Future burdon?

No description

Anders Lund Olsen

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of White Elephants - Bright Future or Future burdon?

White Elephants Bright Future or Future Burdon? Bright Future or Future Burdon Sapporo Dome, Japan Multipurpose venue with two anchor tenants Construction price: $551.9 million
Capacity: Football - 42.041, Baseball – 42.328
Three FIFA 2002 World Cup games Average 128 events per year
2.087.855 spectators in 72 baseball and 11 soccer games in 2008.
2.155.150 spectators in 72 baseball and three soccer games in 2009 2.079.857 spectators in 72 baseball and nine soccer games in 2010 Estádio do Dragão, Portugal High profile anchor tenant (FC Porto) Construction price: $152.6 million
Capacity: 52.000
Five UEFA Euro 2004 games Season 2009/10
Spectators 769.495
Events 25
Revenue $9.33 million
Expenses $9.11 million
Profit $213.000 Turner Field (Centennial Olympic Stadium), USA Modified olympic venue with a high profile anchor tenant Construction price: $209 million
Capacity: 48.000
Opening and closing ceremony and athletics during the Olympics in Atlanta 1996 Season Games Spectators
2008 82 2.535.834
2009 82 2.373.631
2010 84 2.510.119 Ecopa Stadium, Japan Competing venues in the region
No anchor tenant Construction price: $389.4 million
Capacity 51.349
Three FIFA 2002 World Cup games Season 2010
Events 85
Spectators 184.296
Average 2.168 Cape Town Stadium, South Africa High maintenance and operating costs no high profile anchor tenant Construction price: $600 million
Capacity: 55.000
Eight FIFA 2010 World Cup games Annual expenses $ 7 million
Annual incomes $ 1.5 million
Annual deficit $ 5.5 million Estádio Dr. Magalhães Pessoa, Portugal High maintenance and mortgage costs and no high profile anchor tenant Construction price: $119.8 million
(Official price: $ 64.2 million)
Capacity: 23.835
Two UEFA Euro 2004 games The municipality of Leiria has tried to sell the stadium without success

For the season 2011/12 the anchor tenant moved to another stadium

The municipality of Leiria pays $6.650 per day in maintenance costs Why are stadiums built?
For the public good... ie. to increase sports
participation, civic pride, philanthropy, social welfare,
tourism, mega-events (the Olympics or World Cup etc)
Or for sustainable business? A measure of stadium success
Is your venue...? SAFE (No compromise)

SUSTAINABLE (profitable, or at least ‘beneficial’ to the community/owner)

SELLOUT (Will your guests come back again!? Acompelling experience) Development MISTAKES being repeated -
ignore the 4 key Success Factors

1. CONTENT is KING (anchor tenant)
2. Strategic Plan... non-existent
3. Partnerships... you cannot do it alone
4. Expertise (the right people) Sources

Play The Game Conference 2011

IDAN - Danish Institute of Sports Science

Ian Nuttall, TheStadiumBusiness.com Who profits?
The construction business always wins (at low risk)
The rights holder behind the mega event (IOC, FIFA etc.) always wins
The future operator? (if there is no future operator…)
The future anchor tenants? (if there are no tenants in place yet…)
The local community? (what are the real needs of local sports people?)

Who pays?
(Almost entirely) the tax payers (on promised future developments)
No major involvement from private investors? (means no future income streams…) £500m+ construction
Designed to be reduced from 80,000 to 25,000
BUT nobody wants the running track... Olympic Stadium, London “The venues are designed so that
they won’t be white elephants” Seb Coe The Stadium Legacy? Who should be the anchor tenant?

Public or privat owned?

Running Track?

2017 World Championships in Athletics? Will the Olympic Stadium be a white elephant?

Research the case and make a Prezi presentation dfdf
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