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Running ‘aMOOC’? Developing and teaching ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’.

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Jeremy Knox

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Running ‘aMOOC’? Developing and teaching ‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’.

What is a MOOC?
Massive - enrolment numbers
Open - no mandatory prior qualifications
Online - fully
Course - structured, temporal
CC-BY jules:stonesoup
Choosing courses/professors
Deciding on duration/study hours/degree cycle-stage/
Deciding on the ‘legals’ – agree & sign contract, setting fee levels & share, setting course lifespans, agreeing certificate text…..
Make sure the University Court approves!
Creating publicity materials for the University website
Dealing with media interest
Designing & testing courses
Providing video/audio recording/editing facilities
Organising Quality Assessment based on normal processes
Providing ‘teaching assistants’
Commitment to delivering the course over a defined period
Developing for Coursera
‘E-learning and Digital Cultures’
Found Objects
Publically accessible resources: Popular cultures, Ideas and Interpretations, Perspectives on Education
The Coursera Platform
Distributed, aggregated and social
Google spreadsheet >
> FeedWordPress plugin
Process - Content
cMOOCs and xMOOCs …?
edcmooc: a ‘hybrid’, trying ‘very hard to subvert its own conditions of production.’
Bonnie Stewart
Found Objects
The Coursera Platform
Manifesto for Teaching Online
'Every course design is philosophy and belief in action'
Over 18,000 tweets
(from November 2012
to March 2013
Facebook Group
Google + Group
pre-course >> blogging >> final assessment
Digital Artefact
Jane MartinWhat's digital in a place without electricity?
Tammy Klein/Enhanced neo-human http://enhancedneohumans.blogspot.co.il/2013/02/blog-post_27.html
Tatyana Skripnikova
Digital Life - parody of "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Buggles
Amy Burvall
4,820 in the student Facebook group
1,945 in the student G+ groupc
700 #edcmooc tweets a day26,859 twitter accounts 'reached'
1,416 #edcmchat tweets in the last chat
915 blogs being pulled into EDCMOOC News
1323 blog posts pulled into the EDCMOOC News
8,000 posts in Coursera forums (4,700 comments)

some learners are not students of universities
c42,000 enrolled users
c5,000 active by week 4
60% female; 40% male
36% aged 25-34 years
60% employed in education
61% have a PG degree
From: Kirstie CoolinThe Only Way is Ethics
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