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Daily Life of Ancient Egyptian Scribes

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Bryce Stovell

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life of Ancient Egyptian Scribes

Scribe School
Graduate Scribe School
Death of a Scribe
Birth of Scribe
Daily Life of Ancient Egyptian Scribes
In the social pyramid, scribes were one level below priests. Scribes were official writers and record keepers for the Pharaohs and for most of the Egyptian people.

Scribe School
Only men were allowed to be scribes
Students typically spent 12 years or more learning hieroglyphics
Students had to memorize over 700 hieroglyphics
School started at the age of five
Classes sometimes lasted from dawn until sunset
As their skills improved students were allowed to write on papyrus
Life Of A Scribe
Being a scribe is the only way that any egyptian could overpower their parents jobs. Most people from the Artisan and Craftspeople came to this to overpower their parents. Not many egyptian slaves came to become a scribe.
Scribes had to take a test to become a scribe, if they passed they were a scribe if they did not pass they had to retake the test. Like all other Egyptian citizens
scribes had a nice home but not as
those above them in the social
pyramid. A scribe later received a job
which involved keeping records such
as food supply and trade.
Scribes were located one level below priests in the social pyramid
Life would be bad without scribes. Compared to other citizens such as government officials and priests, scribes didn't live a life of luxury.
They lived near the center of the city so they had importance.
Scribes had lots of jobs but they were all very important. Some kept track of trade and some kept a journal or diary to write down what happened on a day by day basis. We would not know much about Ancient Egypt if there were no scribes.
The answers to the test.
1. False 10. When: After 12 years
2. True of Scribe School.
3. False How: After Learning
4. B 700 hieroglyphics
5. A Jobs: Recording
6. C laws, keeping
7. C & D track of trade and
8. Pen collecting and
9. Stylus, Clay Tablet calculating taxes.
Working as a Scribe

After scribe school
Social Pyramid
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