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Martha Coston

All about the signal flare

Eva S

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Martha Coston

Martha Coston .Martha Hunt was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1826. .When Martha was very young her father died. .After her father died, Maratha's mother moved the family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because the schools there were good. .As a child Martha was called sunbeam by her mother. In 1840, Martha met Benjamin Franklin Coston. In 1842, Benjamin Coston worked as a inventor and scientist for the United States. In the same year, Coston and Martha Hunt got married. In 1846, Benjamin Coston left the navy and moved with his wife and kids to Boston, Massachusetts. In 1847, Benjamin Coston got sick and died. Martha Coston and her children moved back to Philadelphia to live with her mother. There, she found some notes for an invention that her husband was working on but did not test it. The invention was a signal flare. After his death the navy tested his invention and found it did not work. Martha then got the idea to use fireworks in the flare. By 1859, she succeeded in getting the flares to work. The navy wanted to use Coston's flares. They bought her patent for the flares for $20.000. The navy also told Martha to make the flares for them. She set up the Coston Supply Company to make signal flares. During the Civil War, the northern armies used the Coston signal flares. Signal flares ere used for messages. Martha died in1886.
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