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The Louisiana Purchase

5th Grade Social Studies Unit

Jessica Langdon

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Louisiana Purchase

How one BIG DECISION affected an entire country
The Louisiana Purchase:
The Louisiana Purchase
So, the United States decided to buy New Orleans from France.
How did it happen?
How does it affect us today?
What is Louisiana anyway?
New Orleans was a very important city. But... it was owned by the French.
Well, back in the day...
It's a big deal.
The Mississippi River runs through New Orleans
Right here!
What can you see that might make this city important?
Whoever gained control of New Orleans & the Mississippi River could trade anywhere they wanted!
Napoleon Bonaparte (France):
"Um... No."
Thomas Jefferson:
"We will give you $10 MILLION
DOLLARS for New Orleans!"
That means lots of $$$$!!
But, later Napoleon's attitude changed.
Napoleon needed more money to buy boats for his navy.
Napoleon: "Did you guys still
want to buy New Orleans? I'll even throw in the whole Louisiana territory!"
Thomas Jefferson:
"Only $15 million?
Sounds good to me!"
And so the size of the country was DOUBLED!
Did you hear that?? DOUBLED!
That means that the size of the country went from this...
(highlighted area)
to this!!
There was only one problem...
Sure - the USA knew that New Orleans was a part of their new Louisiana Territory: That's why they bought it.
But... What else was out there?
That's right! Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from France without ever seeing it before! No one knew what was inside...
So... Jefferson hired these guys to explore the new land:
I can come too,
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led a team of explorers into the new Louisiana Territory.

Their team made maps and took notes on all of the discoveries they made. Together, their team noted:
179 undocumented species of plants and
122 undocumented species of animals
This included the coyote and the grizzly bear!!
So, in a nutshell:
Check out the video!
Did you see things that we have been learning about?
Did you spot anything you didn't know?
Anything that you want to know more about?
Lewis & Clark made many discoveries and met many new people....

Including Sacagawea!
Just who was Sacagawea?
A very strong and brave Shoshone woman. She (and her French husband) joined Lewis & Clark on their expedition and helped them with translating, navigating, and communicating with Native American tribes.

She even had a baby during the journey!
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