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The Five Stages of Grief

No description

Robyn Lai

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Five Stages of Grief

The Five Stages of Grief
not accepting reality
speaker goes through usual routine
denial that they have lost their loved one
"The treeline has long since disappeared."

things have changed
seasons have passed
process takes time
Circular Staircase
might take a person however many times to repeat process until accepting and moving on
**time is significant: slow medication for those who give into grief
Linda Pastan
born in NY in 1932
American Poet w/ Jewish background
was 7y/o during Holocaust
avid writer, gave up writing to stay at home
husband encouraged her to write again
published poems in 1970s
writes mainly short, free verse poems about family, domesticity, aging, death, fear, loss, relationships
In the poem The Five Stages of Grief by Linda Pastan, the use of poetic devices, imagery, metaphors, and similes display the fact that grief is an inescapable element of human existence because it is a circular staircase, once you have entered it is merely impossible to escape.
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one of longest stages
poetic device "depression came puffing up" - example of personification
shows speaker is anxious/scared

what are the bandages and bottles meant for?
-bandages: cover the pain of speaker
-bottles of sleep: sleeping pills to sleep

Why is Hope with a capital?
-show importance and emphasize
-hoping too much, and getting nothing in return

By: Melissa Woo, Robyn Lai, Allison Wong, Eliya Be'er
Why is the speaker setting the table for two?
-she is denial , use to seeing her husband everyday

Why is there repetition on the word you?
-show significance that speaker can't stop thinking of loved one
speaker is enraged
Ex. burns their toast and snatches the paper
anger is familiar feeling for speaker
Why is anger seem so familiar?
- relationship wasn't working
-both sides were frustrated

Why the death was a headline?
-the event was so tragic that it reminds the speaker of the incident
asks a lot of questions
what the speaker can do to exchange for the love

What is significant about silence after the storms?
-silence after storm is good, peaceful and quiet
-trade peaceful moments for him
-compare a storm to arguments they had

Why is bargaining the shortest stage?
- start to overthink
-emotions build up
-all leading up to the next stage
shown through special headline
"its name in light " finally reaching acceptance
"grief is a circular staircase" ex. of metaphor >comparison between grief and a circular staircase
>effect : grieving is a long process, takes time and patience
why is acceptance written as a headline?
-one of the most important stages
-requires a lot of strength to overcome
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