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Popsicle Sticks Bridge Reflection

No description

Fardeen Zaman

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Popsicle Sticks Bridge Reflection

1. Briefly describe how the Popsicle Bridge activities (Daily Log) reflect the steps of the "Design Process"
2. Briefly describe how you played each role while designing and constructing the bridge.
3. What was the most challenging aspect of this project? How did you overcome the obstacle?
4. What was the most important "learning" that happened for you in this project?
Popsicle Sticks Bridge Reflection
2. Quality Assurance: We needed to individually regulate our bridge components.
Communicator: If there were any questions we had, we would try to figure it out ourselves. In the case where we couldn't, we would tell our communicator to ask for aid.
Fabrication Manager: We would individually verify if we had the appropriate materials and enough materials.
Fabricator: We made our own bridges.
Designer: We all had a set design prior to fabricating the bridge.
Personally for me the most challenging part of building the bridge was making the stringers. I've made countless lopsided stringers that were never straight and ended up destroying them. To overcome my issues with making the stringers I took help from my group members and paid real close attention to the process in which they fabricated the stringers.
4. I understood more in depth details about the procedures in the Designing Process. I also learned what a team of builders consists of and what they need to do in order to have a safe operating product.
1. In the process of writing Daily Logs, we reflect the steps of the "Design Process" in a visual representation. All our steps were shown in an orderly fashion.
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