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ENGL1201 Workshop I

No description

Kelley Wadson

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of ENGL1201 Workshop I

Search library catalogue/databases
Workshop Goals
Library Research & Scholarly Sources
How to Login
Username =
Password =
BVC + student ID
i.e. BVC123456
four digits
of phone number
Research question:
How can nurses effectively educate their patients to make healthy lifestyle choices?
What are the main topics/concepts?
Add & Change Keywords:
Nurses (or Nursing)
Healthy lifestyle choices
Main Topics or Concepts
Synonyms & Academic/Related Terms
(or nursing)
patient education
practical nurses (LPNs)
vocational nurses
registered nurses (RNs)
nursing practice
community nursing
nursing care
healthy lifestyle choices
family education
nurse-patient relations
patient information
health education
health literacy
health behavior
behavior modification
patient decision-making
physical health
Short title
Broad focus
Author is journalist/professional
Simple language
Short or no reference list
Lots of colour, graphics or pictures
Step 3: Improve search results
Use filters/limiters
Add keywords
Use connectors
Search by field
"Received" and "accepted" dates
3) Author(s) is researcher/academic
2) Plain appearance (no advertising/pictures)
4) Specific/narrow focus
5) Advanced/complex language
Scientific format and structure:
- Hypothesis or Objective
- Background or Literature Review
- Research method(s)
- Results or Findings
- Analysis, Discussion and/or Conclusion
1) Lengthy (at
5 pages) with many citations
Peer-reviewed articles have 5 key characteristics:
Other clues...
How do you know an article is NOT scholarly and peer-reviewed?
Trade/Professional Journals
news, information and educated commentary
to professionals in a specific field/industry
Develop research topic
Choose Keywords
Improve Search Results
Evaluate and Repeat
The Research Process
Distinguish between peer-reviewed and trade/professional sources
These are

of peer-reviewed articles:
Part 1:
Part 2:
What is Scholarly Discourse/Communication?
“The system through which
research and other scholarly writings
created, evaluated for quality, disseminated
to the scholarly community, and preserved"
Includes formal and informal types of communication
(Association of College & Research Libraries)
peer-review research papers/studies
conference presentations
opinion pieces
book reviews
= Published in academic journals
*Academic journals may also be called scholarly journals or peer-reviewed journals
Part 2
How to search the library catalogue & databases

Activity for searching & citing sources
Step 1: Choose Keywords
Step 2: Start the Search
1) LibSearch Catalogue

2) Databases A-Z, by Subject or by Format
Print & Electronic Resources
12,000+ print books
Textbooks in Reserve (2nd Floor)
150,000+ e-books
40+ databases with thousands of journals, newspapers, images, animations & diagrams
20,000+ DVDs & online streaming videos
busy professionals/practitioners
industry or professional focus (e.g. nursing, marketing)
practical experience and/or secondhand reports of scholarly research
Characteristics of Trade/Professional Journals
continuing education (CE)
professional development (PD)
- commentary/viewpoint/reply
- update/announcements
- conference paper

Boolean Operators
aka "Connectors"
Narrow: AND
Expand: OR
Refine: NOT
Why use the library (instead of Google)?
search results
reviewed before publication
Subscription content

BVC courses/programs,
not available on the web
What is an academic journal?
Type of periodical for scholarly communication
Publishes articles written by scholars/experts in a specific subject/discipline
Research-based articles go through peer review process
LibSearch Catalogue
Electronic listing of (almost) all subscription + open access resources (print + electronic)
Collection of electronically indexed publications and/or content
Typically focused on one or more formats and/or subjects
Practice finding/citing sources
Identify peer-reviewed journal articles
Audience & Perspective:
Professional & opinion-based terminology
Need help?
APA drop-in sessions (N149, in library):
Tues, May 24 – 12-2 pm
Fri, May 27 – 11-1 pm
Mon, May 30 - 2-4 pm
Matt Black (N246) - mblack@bowvalleycollege.ca
Go to front desk or library website ("Research Help" section)
Ask a Librarian:
Kelley Wadson (N244) - kwadson@bowvalleycollege.ca
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