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The Six Stages of the Family Life Cycle

Julianna Schuermann

julianna schuermann

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The Six Stages of the Family Life Cycle

The 6 Stages of the Family Life Cycle By: Julianna Schuermann 2.Expanding 3.Developing 1.Beginning Two people meet, they get married buy a home and adjust to living with each other. The couple have one or more children and adjust to the role and responsibilities of being new parents. The parents focus on guiding their children from infancy throughout their teenage years. 4.Launching The parents now help their children adjust to college life where they will be on their own, away from home. 5. The Middle Years The parents have had their "empty nest",
now they're planning for retirement and spending time with their grandchildren. 6. The Retirement Years The couple are retired by now and are enjoying their time while they're aging by doing things that they didn't get to do before.
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