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It's actually old and used

Mister Page

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of zerooess

Our Customers and how we will reach them. Phase 1 Phase 2a Results Core Company Goal:
Bring yesterday’s
technology at a
fraction of
today’s costs. Human Resources IT'S NOT USED, IT'S JUST NOT NEW Storefront and advertising local to San Marcos Expand advertising and storefront locations to
Houston, Oklahoma City, and Monterrey Vision for Expansion and Growth Our Pricing Strategy We will bring them last year's models at a fraction of this year's price.
They will be able to easily access our products through...
Our website
Kiosks placed frequently in malls
Occasional storefronts in large metropolitan areas. Our Competition Online Retailers such as: Pawnshops Make an online store website Create Radio Ads in San Antonio Produce Billboards and Ads in Local Malls Establish Domestic Online Ads Advertise with physical ads such as billboards to these highly populated areas Phase 2b Long Term
Expand advertising to South America and eventually to Europe and Asia Marketing Mix One flagship store in San Marcos, Texas.
Smaller satellite stores established in Houston, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Monterrey, Mexico. Product Promotion Our expansion will start in San Marcos. We will then move to Houston, then to Oaklahoma city.
We will then move to Monterrey, Mexico. Advertising
1. San Marcos-Flyers(On bulletin boards)
2. San Antonio radio ads
3. Online ads such as GoogleAdWords
4. Major Television events both domestic and worldwide

Summer and Winter Olympics
Wimbledon Tennis Championships
FIFA World Cup
MLB World Series Market to Investors
-T Mobile: Negotiate with their “Bring Your Own Phone” Plan
-Private Investors *Minimal Profit*
Just over breaking even
10% over what we buy it for
Our competitors make up to 20%
We will make our profit through high sales at low prices. 50% Smartphones
15% Laptops/Computers
15% Tablets/ Readers
10% mp3 players/iPods
10% Other electronic devices *Although we will have occasional storefronts accompanied by kiosks, we will largely target online sales, starting in the United States and Canada, then traveling south through Latin America. By the time we hold a substantial market share in South America we will begin selling products worldwide. -According to BBC, in 2012 Ferrari's net profit was $128,000,000 US Dollars.

-The Wall Street Journal reported that Volkswagen made $14,800,000,000 last year, 115 times Ferrari's profit. - Devices will be older models of the best brands and models.
-We will partner with T-Mobile to get people to bring their own phones and place the T-Mobile SIM card.

- Our products will consist mainly of smartphones, since there is higher demand for a fairly current model in that market.
-We primarily expect to sell older models of the iPhone, and as the Android market matures, we will begin selling more phones with the Android and Windows operating systems Website designer will be contracted to build website
Customer assistance: optimized for simplifying the process of getting phone activated by T-Mobile. We will provide localized customer service for everyone's language.

Advertising team will design television and radio advertisements which will make NUNN a household name
Salesmen to manage storefronts and kiosks.
Buying agents to negotiate deals with electronics manufacturers and vendors.
UPS will deliver products purchased online. -Our company will be globally recognized as the main supplier of older model tech.
-We will judge the success of our company by how well we accomplish these categories:
Number of Worldwide Locations
Sales (Meeting Quota)
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction We are ready to make a deal to expand NUNN to an international level. Are you? - Our products will be bought because the technological trends have consumers willing to buy the second best model of the best brand if they save enough money. - Our customer service will encompass anything the buyer needs to know to work his phone(senior friendly). -Who makes more money-
Volkswagen, or Ferrari? Profit Place Overstock Quibids
Amazon Ebay
Craigslist Our Customers College Students Seniors Low Income Families Are concerned with being materially congruous with peers.
Generally on a tight budget.
Have a need for technology that is relevant and up-to-date. Have children with a demand for electronic devices.
Are looking for balanced solutions which are budget friendly but also satisfy their children. Like college students, families need to have technology that is not obsolete. In many cases, have a demand for simpler technology than what is widely available. Often want last year's model because they can understand it better. Do not always want expensive all-inclusive service provided by most cell phone service providers. Our customers are shopping
with three main criteria: Price, Quality and Simplicity. We strive to meet these three criteria at an optimal point to ensure customer satisfaction. Digital Marketing Service, Inc.
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