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4.05 Honors Current Events

No description

Elena Fernandez

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of 4.05 Honors Current Events

4.05 Honors Current Events

Article 2:
By Elena Fernandez
Mr. Flores
Country Name: Morocco
The first article I found on Times Dispatch dealt with Morocco experimenting with democracy. The Moroccan democratic experiment is far from perfect. But unlike Egypt, a democratically elected Islamist government is still in power. Also, unlike most countries in its region, Morocco is transitioning into a better tomorrow without violence and through the powers of the ballot box.
Article 3:
What do the current events in this country tell you about the nature of its government? What type of government does it have?

Morocco currently has a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy is where one person rules but has to follow a constitution. Mohammed Vi is the current executive chief. The people of Morocco current desire a democracy but many things have led to its setback. There has been recent restrictions on "freedom of speech," by controlling what the media can say. A journalist was recently sentenced to 4 years in jail for saying negative things about the leader.
Is the country undergoing democratization? How do you know? What indicators are you using to make your judgment? Why are they important?
How might the events in this country affect other countries, including the United States?

Morocco is one of the United States oldest allies. Both The United States and Morocco share common goal and interests in the middle east. If Morocco were to need help, the United States would step in and help them out. In recent years, the US has been pushing Morocco towards a democracy. Recently, Morocco expelled US citizens and citizens from other countries that were working at an orpanage. They were said to have been "Spreading Christianity" which is not allowed in Morocco. The US stated that they were upset with Morocco and have limited access to certain things.
My Decision & Research:
I conducted research pertaining to the government of Morocco. I choose to research current Moroccan events in this country because they have been in the news recently. I determined that information found on the following websites, CNN, Times Dispatch and Al Arabiya to be reputable in in helping me learn more about this country’s government.
Article 1:
The first article I found on Al Arabiya dealt with the Moroccan Justice and Development Party. The Justice and Development Party keeps disappointing the public’s trust with the manner in which it governs, and also its shifting narrative towards what pleases the Monarchy. The people of Morocco want a democratic country. They want a democracy that tarnishes the old abuses of power by ministers and statesmen.
The second article I found on CNN dealt with Morocco restricting liberty in the name of security. There is hope of a democracy in Morocco, however, the government's increasing restrictions on the news media are slowing down this movement toward democracy.
Morocco has been attempting to undergo democracy for many years but there have been various setbacks. There have also been many advancements. For example, the current leader was elected through a democratic process. He was voted on by the people. However, he still is a ruler and follows laws that are laid out by the government, not voted on by the people.
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