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Budget Cuts in Extracurricular Activities

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Molly Bradley

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Budget Cuts in Extracurricular Activities

By Molly Bradley
Budget Cuts in Extracurricular Activities
-An activity that is pursued outside of the normal course of study

-Most prevalent in high schools and colleges

-Anything that is outside of the normal curriculum
What is an extracurricular activity?
-Extracurricular activities are one of the first things cut from a school's budget

-There are multiple people who are affected, whether or not these cuts happen

-Like many hot topics, there is no clear-cut solution to this problem.
Why Is This a Hot Topic?
-Funding for these schools and their activities is not free

-Many of the taxpayers who are voting are do not have someone they know directly who is involved in that school district

-Lower income families feel they do not have any other choice when it comes to something that might heighten their taxes

-Extracurricular activities simply viewed as unimportant in comparison to normal curriculum
The Taxpayers
-Many schools have been fighting a losing battle in keeping their extracurricular activities

-Some students turn to community resources, such as recreational sports leagues and community theater
Where is this issue going to go?
Thank You!
Two Big Perspectives
The Schools
-Students can develop vital, life
long skills during extracurricular activities

-Allows for stronger student-faculty

-Improvement in test scores and
overall GPA

-A large percentage of students are
involved in some type of extracurricular
Both have to vote!
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