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No description

Faiyaz Momen

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Landfills

By: Faiyaz, Manroz, and
Mr. Mckenzie
Social Studies 10-1
What are landfills and why is it an issue?
Landfills & Consumerism
What about the Government?
The Environment
Methane and other Pollutants
Ground Water & Soil Contamination
Thanks For Watching
Thanks For Watching
Picture may create
(or do nothing at all )
Land fills are special places where your garbage and other kinds of waste are disposed of. There, they are buried and sealed away. This method of disposing waste is one of the most earliest ways of getting rid of unwanted garbage in an organized fashion. However, this method does not get rid of the waste material. It just simply covers it and keeps it out of sight. It not only does it harm the wildlife around it and takes up more land every time, but it also pollutes the air, water and land. There are about 700 landfills in our province of Alberta!
Consumerism is one of greater reasons why the landfills are such a large problem. Consumers are everywhere in the world and the majority of the earths human population are consumers. Consumers keep buying and buying more and then buying even more and when everything they bought became used up or lost its purpose. They would be disposed without a second thought.

If you are a consumer, don't look so down on yourself, because the real masterminds are the transnational companies that trick you into buying them. Don't you wonder why some items are breakable and aren't as good as you expected. Well, if the companies made something that is almost indestructible, very efficient and gets the job done. Eventually they will lose their business and increases the unemployment line and create a lot of problems. So what they do is they make the product just good enough to compete in the market but not so good that they can't make a profit. Also, the waste that is created by the production and selling of the product is unbelievable. Think about it? If new technologies are being made yearly, then the old ones have only a few options. Its either put up on ebay, kajiji, etc or just thrown away
and adding to the global e-waste ( Electronic waste).
Waste disposal in less developed and developing countries are worse. Due to the lack of a strong government and good infrastructure, waste management is not prioritized and so garbage in these countries are not properly disposed of. This plays a role in the high disease hazards and may also be the reason why you need to take shots if you want to travel to certain places.
Why do governments use this method for waste removal? One important reason is that it is currently the most easiest and cheapest way to dispose of trash. Other methods are more costly. Which means that if we want to make waste removal more eco-friendly through the government, we would have to pay more taxes, so...yeah.

Another reason would be profit and the economy. The city of Calgary actually charges you for the blue bins and the black bins. To top it off, you would have to pay extra to throw away some thing that doesn't fit in the bins.
Methane ( CH4 ) is produced from the decomposition of organic wastes. It is a stronger greenhouse gas, more so than CO2. The third most largest CH4 emission come from landfills which is adding to global warming. About 20% of national methane emissions come from Canada's landfills.
In smaller countries, there isn't enough space for landfills. So in order to get rid of all the waste, they burn them. This releases toxins in the air that are causing global warming and affecting our health.
One of the main causes of land pollution are landfills. Pollution in landfills from leachate. Leachate is any liquid substance (usually water) capable of passing through matter and extracting solutes. Leachate can be quickly formed from decaying matter.

Leachate that is found in landfills is commonly formed when rain water falls over a landfill and extracts harmful solutes from the decomposition of trash.
Soil contamination occurs when leachate from the landfills enter the soil. Chemicals and toxin from the leachate render the soil useless for sustaining plant life.

Water contamination occurs when the leachate from the landfills seep through the ground and into ground water. This cause a big threat to the human population, because of the scarcity of fresh drinkable water. About 0.28% of earths water is found underground and so this poses a big problem.
Animals are effected as their natural habitat are interrupted at first by human activity and then destroyed by the creation of a landfill. The smells and no vegetation makes all the animals keep away from the landfills, with the destruction of their food source they have no other choice than to relocate and find some suitable food their.
Plants- many plants cant grow in landfills as they cannot sustain the needed nutrients to grow. landfills are all waste and don't have any nutrients, other than decomposing waste like wood which has some nutrients, biohazards wastes are also thrown into the landfill
1. What are some solutions to the problem of landfills?

2. True or False, methane is much more potent than carbon dioxide.

3. What is Leachate?

4.__________ is one major reason why landfills are a big problem.

5. Why is waste management a problem in some less developed countries?

6. How has modernization affected First Nation values?

7. How is wildlife affected by landfills?

8. True of False, bio hazardous wastes are thrown into landfills.

9. What are three ways we can stop throwing out so much garbage?

10. Approximately how may landfills are in Alberta?
1. Anything that is reasonably productive, such as the three R's.

2. True

3. Leachate is any liquid substance (usually water) capable of passing through matter and extracting solutes. Leachate can be quickly formed from decaying matter.

4. Consumerim

5. Their government is too weak and corrupt and they lack infrastructure.

6. It has abused First Nation values.

7. Forces them to leave their habitats due to the lack of basic necessities.

8. True

9. 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

10. About 700

How it affects the First Nations
First Nations have been in Canada Longer anyone else. The land, water, air and and animals have a very strong and spiritual value in their culture, which have been with them for over 10,000 years. The landfills (mentioned in the beginning) harm the land, water, air and various animals. Threatening all aspects First Nation culture, spiritual beliefs and traditional practices. In the past, First Nations ancestor use materials acquired directly from the land and so waste disposal was not a problem. Now that technology has modernized and that products are made from unnatural non-biodegradable materials, First Nations people are forced to abuse their values in order to dispose waste.
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