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Info Session Spring 2013

Info Night: about TBP CA-T and initiation requirements


on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Info Session Spring 2013

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr

Initiation Ceremony and Banquet
Membership Fee
Required Events
Professional Development
Liberal Arts Event
We want you to become well-rounded
Other Requirements
Hand-Polished Bent
We want you all to join!!
California Tau Chapter
Attendance for six out of eight meetings required for initiation

Mandatory Meetings:
April 17th
May 29th
Any questions?
Membership Fee
Officer Luncheon
Attending Meetings
Community Service
Social Events
Liberal Arts
Professional Development
Hand-Polished Bents
Meeting #1: Information Session
What is Tau Beta Pi?
Tau Beta Pi is the second oldest honor society and the oldest engineering honor society to represent all engineering disciplines in the United States.
The national society has a membership of 522,936. Our chapter, California Tau (CA-T), was founded in 1982.
Our History and Ideals
Dr. Edward H. Williams, Jr.
The Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 by Dr. Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. with the purpose “to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges”.
-- Preamble to the Constitution.
Why Should I Join?
We want to recognize your achievements
We want to help you expand your options for the future
Meet other engineers who are in the same boat as you

Most of all...
You will have a memorable experience!
What are the Benefits?
Lifetime Membership
National Scholarships and Fellowships
Tau Beta Pi Student Assistant Fund and Student Loans
Network with Professors, Alumni, and Industry Personnel
Develop Professional Skills
Experience of a Lifetime!
One time fee: $95

Or payment in two parts:
April 17th - $45
May 29th - $50

Fees go to pay headquarters and to subsidize social events
Community Service
8 hours of Community Service required
2 hours can be completed outside of our events
UROP Symposium - May 18
3 hours of Fundraising required

Opportunities available Week 3, Week 4, and Week 7

Wayzgoose and Ring Road food sale
Engineering Future Sessions
Develop engineering skills
Matlab, LaTeX, Solidworks
LinkedIn and Resumes
Industry tours
Zodiac Aerospace
Must attend at least one of these events
At least 3 events required

Choose from:
Pool Social
Park BBQ
Beach Day
Game Night
We will help you as much as we can

Please contact us with any questions or concerns

Once again, congratulations on your achievements!
The Bent is the symbol of our society
Performing this task shows dedication and discipline
Must be polished by hand and mounted
No necklaces or frames
Initiation Ceremony
and Banquet
We know these seem like a lot of requirements, but...
Social Events
One Liberal Arts event is required
Most flexible requirement

You can do this on your own
Officer Luncheon
Complete by Saturday April 27
Have lunch with us!
It doesn't have to be a meal. We just want to get to know you better.
Save the Date: June 8
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