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Sobey's Inc.

No description

Lauren Smith

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Sobey's Inc.

Sobeys Inc. Alanna Harris Jaclyn Gibson Kevin George Lauren Smith Scott Baker Overview Background
Case Studies
Communication Problems
Discussion Interview with Front End Manager Background Second largest supermarket chain in Canada
Proudly gives back to the communities
Successful for 102 years due to weekly shoppers
Offers different foundations throughout Canada - Health
- Education
- Community Initiatives Offers Sobey Art Foundation
Frank H. Scholarship for Excellence in Business Studies Case Studies Aiming to be more competitive
Brainstorming to attract younger people to Sobeys
Recommendations to gain Sobeys a more competitive edge
Advantages & Disadvantages to brainstorming
Difference between Formal & Informal research This case study requires us as a group to research Sobeys past, present and future to determine what strategies can be utilized so Sobeys can be a legitimate competitor against other popular superstores Communication Problems Findings Strengths Being in business for over a hundred years
Supprting the community
Donations Weaknesses Not providing the community with a one stop shop Opportunities Threats Wal-Mart as a supercentre
Operating costs of food industry Promotions
Team up with respective companies Recommendations Offer Pharmacies within stores
Start online service for applicable households
Find clothing company to sell their merchandise Discussion 1. What do you think of the Target/Sobeys deal?

2. How do you feel about the recommendations listed for Sobeys? Do you think that it will enhance their future success? Figures
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