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Tyler U. and Max

No description

lib hist

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Tyler U. and Max

The founder of Georgia is James Edward Oglethorpe in 1732
By Tyler U and Max B.
The people of Georgia were farmers and would farm for the selves not using using African-American slaves.
Trading Crops and livestock was the main form of economic transactions
All types of religion was allowed except for Catholic. You name it, if it wasn't Catholic it was allowed
Why should you come?
-It allowed most religions
-There was tons of animals to hunt and so many plants could grow in the clay making Georgia a food rich colony
Reasons founded
All colonies were created for some reason. Georgia was founded to buffer the spanish from the English colonists.
Type of people
Colonial History
Although, the spanish explore Georgia first, Georgia was an English colony. After spanish exploration by Hernado De Soto, English colonists from South Carolina came and traded with the natives. Eventually leading to it being established as a colony in 1732 by James Edward Oglethorpe
As a colony, Georgia had to had some laws, and here are some of them. At first, slavery wasn't allowed but that changed but that was changed later. Same thing with land. You couldn't own more than 500 acres of land at one time but that quickly changed. Some other laws were, no liquor, no lawyers and all craft was self set up.
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