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lauren no

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Islam

Islam World History Islam A presentation by: Abby Chapman, Mackenzie Wallace, Lauren Seelbaugh, Leanna Bartole, Dalton Whetro History, Founder, Place and year Founder- The founder of Islam is regarded as the prophet Muhammad
Place and Year- It began in Saudi Arabia around 600 AD
History- Muhammad, Islam's prophet was born around 570 AD, he was said to have been visited by the angel Gabriel, he was told that he would become a prophet
Muhammad is said to be a descendent of Ishmael, one of Abraham's sons.
Muhammad's teachings spread throughout the world and still influence people today, 14 centuries later
("History of Islam: A Summary.") NOV 4th - Islamic new year
JAN 24th - Muhammad's birthday
JULY 9th- Ramadan begins
AUG 8th- Ramadan ends
OCT 15th - Festival of sacrifice Holy Book Injeel- the book was revealed to Jesus, and known commonly as the gospel
Taurat- revealed to Moses, it's like the new testament
Zaboor- revealed to prophet Dawood ( David ) commonly known as the psalms
Quran- it encompasses previous books and adds to them, it hasn't been changed since it was written 1,400 years ago
Muslims must accept and believe in all of Allah's books Place of Worship -The house of worship is called a "Mosque"
-There are two types of Mousques, the main one is called a Jamaca, it's the primary place of worship
-The second kind is called a Masjid
-The primary worship day is Friday
- A mousque is dome shaped and its also very tall
-Before entering a Mosque, you must take off your shoes
("Background of Islam.") Followers Number of followers- 1.3 billion
Followers of Islam are called Muslims
Islam is the second largest religion in the world
Major locations- The Middle East and Southeast Asia
worship day Friday
21% of the world studies Islam

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Google." Google. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 May 2013 Holidays and Festivals Holy Days Eid Ul Fitr - Celebrates the end of fasting, it thanks Allah for the strength given in the past month, it is celebrated when the new moon is seen in the sky. Eid Ul Adha - A four day celebration that remembers the prophet, it involves sacrificing sheep

(Religionfacts) Why understanding other religions is important It's important to respect and understand other people's beliefs and cultures because it makes the world much more diverse and interesting Ceremonies The five pillars of islam are:
1: The declaration of faith: " There is none worthy of worship except Allah."
2: Salat: to offer five daily prayers at their appointed times
3: Zakat: to contribute a certain percentage of ones wealth for the benefit of the poor and for some other noble causes
4:fastening in the month of Ramadan
5: Haj: Pilgrimage to the Ka'aba in Arabian at least once in one's lifetime, if physically and financially possible and if the journey is safe.
Haram is a food and is prohibited in islam Holy City Mecca is the holy city where Muhammad was born. It was founded by the prophet Ibrahim. Mecca is surrounded by hills and mountains. People who are non muslims are not permitted in the city. Mecca is considered the holiest place in all muslim world. (bbc.uk) (religionfacts) Main Characters and Contributors ("MSA.") ("About.com.") Muhammad
died June 8Th 632ad
He had many children.
He was born in 570 AD (Google.)
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