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Why 6th Graders Should be Allowed to Play on the Middle School Teams by Jessica Clark

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Hicks Class

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Why 6th Graders Should be Allowed to Play on the Middle School Teams by Jessica Clark

Have you ever felt upset at how only 7th & 8th graders are allowed on the middle school sports teams? Or did you ever just want to play on a team with your classmates? I sure know I have. If you are ever feeling bored, joining a middle school sports team will definitely help that cause-it would give everybody something to do! Some 6th graders are even more experienced at sports than the 7th and 8th graders. Many 6th graders aren't involved with any of the extra-curricular activities, and some don't have anything to do! According to my.hsl.org, having the 6th graders on the teams would be beneficial- by making them develop athletic skills, build their character, and give them healthy exercise. Many of us could help the teams because we are more familiar with the sport. Website debates, such as www.debate.org/opinions/ has had many similar thoughts on this. There's not enough room on the teams, you say? Make new ones for the 6th graders! Write to the school board and staff now, to give these 6th graders a chance. It is unfair that 6th grade students aren't allowed to play on the middle school sports teams, and that needs to be changed. Wouldn't you want to be either learning a new sport and having a new activity or helping your school by doing something you love? I would! Why 6th graders Should be Allowed to Play on the Middle School sports Teams

By Jessica Clark
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