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Textbooks vs Tablets

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Bhupesh Panter

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Textbooks vs Tablets

By Bhupesh Panter Textbooks vs Tablets I think we should have tablets
instead of textbooks in school. Living in a world where people are able to do so much more with technology, we have become attached to it. This is because of convenience. Some people say that tablets cause health problems Eyestrain All of these symptoms are less likely to occur if reading was spread out more no misplaced textbooks borrowed from the classroom
organize digital textbooks to make information easier to find
students are able to carry less and get to their next class on time It's less expensive to use tablets instead of textbooks Textbooks can cost about $500
Tablets cost about $250/each or less
Schools could save $3 billion by using tablets $3 billion could be used to hire more teachers and to save programs and offer more after school classes! Tablets make
it easier for students to manage and carry digital textbooks. Tablets allow teachers to better customize a student's way of learning. 1,000s of apps available
able to highlight and edit text
backlighting options allow for reading for longer periods of time
built in dictionary
interactive experience Bueller...Bueller...anyone? blurred vision Headaches Others claim that tablets will be more expensive because of additional costs Repairing broken tablets Buying texts to download onto tablets Sometimes simply rebooting will solve problems Many titles for tablets are free Still others claim that tablets are too distracting This can be solved by setting clear expectations and restrictions on the tablets themselves blurred vision There are three reasons that
I think we should use tablets Tablets are easier for students Tablets are less expensive Teachers can customize lessons For all of the reasons I have given,
I hope you now agree that tablets are a much
better choice for our schools today Email! PLAY GAMES! PHOTOS Adding tablets to our k-12 schools involves the purchase of hardware, installing new wifi infrastructure and training the teachers on how to use the them Producing tablets requires harvesting a lot of raw materials from the earth textbooks can't crash or get hacked Bhupesh at age 4, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!
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