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Familial Mediterranean Fever

A Genetic Disorder

Randa Elashkar

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Familial Mediterranean Fever

Familial Mediterranean Fever FMF Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF)is a
rare disorder characterized by recurrent
fevers and painful inflammation of your
abdomen, lungs and joints. Imagine having a fever of 102, or 103 and it being normal,
for most people who have a fever that high are usually rushed to the emergency room but for people with FMF that as normal as getting a runny nose when you have a cold FMF is usually found in the middle east Transfer of Pyrin Symptoms
-Joint Pain
-Swollen/inflamed stomach/ lungs
-Very high fever Found in the MEFV Gene
in Chromosome 16 p. 13.3 Transfer of Disorder Treatments/ Cures
-No cures
-Cochicine 0.6 mg pill
-Shots/IV's Question and Answers
1. Where is FMF usually found?
a. United States
b. England
c. Middle East
d. South Africa
What Chromosome is it found in?
a. Chromosome 13
b. Chromosome 16
c. Chromosome 6
d. Chromosome 3

Which is NOT sign/symptom of FMF?
a. Inflammed Lungs
b. Joint pain
c. Headaches
d. Very high Fever. First Sight of an attack
- The first sight of an attack is usually
before the age of 20.
How long do these "Attacks" last?
- 6-72 hours, in some more severe cases these very painful attacks last up to a week or a little more then a week. What happens during these "Attacks"
- Shortness of breath due to inflamed lungs.
- High fevers of 102-103.5 degrees.
- Vomiting/ nausea End
Randa Elashkar
April 28, 2010
4th hour
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