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No description

Abby Carlin

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Bicycle

By: Nick Dunn and Abby Carlin
IED Period 7

Reasons for Invention
People needed a faster way of transportation than walking.
At first people didn't want to take their feet off the ground, so there was no pedals.
Thus, making the bike more like a coaster.
It was invented because everyone wanted to get around faster.
Horses were getting hurt by traveling by horse-and-carriage.
Disciplines of Engineering
Evolution of the Bike
Initial idea for the bicycle was created in 1418. It had four wheels that were attached to the gears with an endless rope. It was patented by Giovanni Fontana.
The first two-wheeler was invented by Karl von Drais in 1817. It did not have pedals and was made entirely out of wood.
Intro to the bike
An innovation was made to the bicycle, making it more safe, containing hard rubber wheels, a more comfortable seat. Both of the wheels were the same size. These bicycles are like the ones that we ride today.
Karl Drais invented the first two-wheeler, made entirely out of wood.
The first bicycle made out of steel with pedals was invented.
The high-wheeler was the first bicycle to be made entirely out of metal.
Women used riding their bicycles as a symbol of freedom.
Bikes are a more earth-friendly way of transportation in the present, because they cause no pollution.
Major Changes
Global Impact
Reference Page
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It is Transportation because it helps people get around quicker. It is Industrial because everyone wanted a bike so they had to mass produce them. It is mechanical because of the gears.
No pedals to pedals.
High wheeler
The safety bike
Materials its made from.
Wood to medal
Jules Siriray patented steel ball bearings in 1872.
Browett and Harrison patented a capiler brake in 1876..
Scott and Phillot patentes the first speed gear in 1878.
Henry J. Lawson patented chains around the rear wheel in 1879.
Tullio Campognola patented the quick release hub in 1930.
Tullio Campognola acquired 135 patents by the end of the 1950s.
Interesting Facts
Over 1 billion world wide
4 distinct types(road, mountain, cruiser, and bmx)
Most mountain bikes have 21 speeds meaning it has 10 gears.
The exercise bike is another type found in a home and do not move.
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