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Future Learning Spaces - the group learning space

Designing a group learning space in a school.

Jan Turnbull

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Future Learning Spaces - the group learning space

Design Purpose Implementation The Group Learning Space Designing a Future Learning Space To plan and design 21st Century group learning spaces within a classroom. The spaces need to be flexible for different uses, and suit the learning styles and needs of both students and teachers. The spaces need to cater for pair work through to whole group learning, and therefore need to be both suitable and adaptable Rationale (Joint Information Systems Committee [JISC] (2006), p. 30.) "There can be no one blueprint for the design of teaching and learning spaces" All stakeholders teachers, students, and the school community should be consulted in the design process. Let them express their hopes for the new spaces and discuss the limitations of the old spaces Group Spaces "open-plan informal learning areas support collaborative activities, and they can often be created from previously underutilised spaces" (JISC, 2006, p. 4). We need to make sure that the design suits the purpose of the spaces and suits learner-led and teacher-led activities. There needs to be room for children to work in pairs, or the class to work as whole. The spaces need to be able to accommodate ICT, perhaps wirelessly, and potentially have plenty of table and floor space to accommodate varied activities and learning styles - therefore, these spaces need to be.......... "The arrangement of the furniture.....can be easily reconfigured to match the size and purpose of the group" FLEXIBLE. (JISC, 2006, p. 25). for example, heat, light, traffic, space But be aware of issues Heat can cause lethargy, and lots of technology in a space can create excess heat. Keep temperatures moderate for ideal outcomes. Natural lighting has a positive effect on children. Keep a path so traffic can flow through the room without disrupting the group space. Don't be tempted to fill up empty areas, keep them available as learning spaces Ideal group learning space this classroom has ample natural lighting, pathways for traffic, and different areas for group work including tables, floor space, and informal areas. Retrieved from http://www.thegreenmarketoracle.com/2010/09/green-school-buildings-many-benefits-of.html "The prevailing pedagogic approach has swung towards active and collaborative learning, but room design and staff skill sets do not always reflect this" Pedagogy (JISC, 2006, p.10). we need to utilise the space correctly So, after we design and create the space teachers need to plan their teaching to create inspired, motivated students, who can work in groups for optimised learning experiences we can create group learning spaces almost anywhere... when children have experience working in groups outdoors, formal, informal, outside of school, even virtual group spaces........ Twickenham Academy an example of a well designed room with many group learning spaces within it A handy resource from the DEECD Joint Information Systems Committee. (2006). Designing Spaces for Effective Learning: A Guide to 21st Century Learning Space Design. Retrieved from http://www.jisc.ac.uk/uploaded_documents/JISClearningspaces.pdf References isisconceptsRM. (2011, June 9). Twickenham Academy Case Study. [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mql9E-7KG2I Green Market Oracle. (2010, Sept 1). Ideal Group Learning Space. [Digital image]. Retrieved from http://www.thegreenmarketoracle.com/2010/09/green-school-buildings-many-benefits-of.html Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. (2012). Make the most of flexible learning spaces: A guide for principals and teachers. Retrieved from http://www.education.vic.gov.au/researchinnovation/resources/learningspacesresearch.htm
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