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Copy of Business Plan

No description


on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Business Plan

Financial Plan
The backbone and leader of A&A Inverters is Kamal and Naveed electronics.
Marketing , Sales, And Budget is under Naveed Qamar.
Management, Employes recruitment, is Done by Kamal Ahmad.
Business Plan:
M.Naveed Qamar
Kamal Ahmed
Submitted To:
Mr. Zeshan Khan
AnA Inverters
Ultimate Solution....

It is AnA Inverters mission to create the finest quality Inverterts in the market. It will emphasize lightweight, comfort and a realistic safety margin for all of our products.
Provide Financing for all credit situations
Provide 100% customer satisfaction
Online Customer chat option

Market Segmentation
Marketing Objective
Market and Sales Strategy
The focus of our marketing strategy is to attract prospect buyers with our luxury inventory.
Customers are more comfortable to shop online and contact us when they are ready to buy.
Main focus is to get a buyer interest through our website that is why we are dedicated to providing detailed photos and descriptions of our vehicles.
Company Ownership:
Products and Services
4 P's Of Business:
Customer Profile
Industry Analysis
competitors strengths and weakness
Stratergy and implementation Summary
Summary of financial Projections
Cash Flow-
Break Even Analysis- (expected gross profit)
Balance Sheet Projections

Our potential customers:

- safety, space, long lasting, and in budget for affordability
- affordable, safety, and economical
- Retirees- affordable because of low income, long lasting
Uses of Funds
Loans and floor plan
Individuals consumers:
- Products will be sold direct to the consumer via the website
- ultimate solution of load shedding
- These are the middle layer of the distribution system.
- They sell to the independent inverters retailer.
- The main distributors are Quality distributers,
ultimate distributers and real distributers
A&A Inverters (Ultimate solution) is a Pakistani based company that designs and sells a variety of Inveretrs for homes,domestic level and industrial purposes.
The company has operated out of the owner's home for the last year. The company has sold the Inverters via the Internet to individual customers, and the owner wants to take the company to the next step.
AnA Inverters sells PCB fabricated Inverters.
For Inverters,The unit will come with a five year warranty.
will utilize a fabrication shaft with a CNC (computer numeric controlled) machined head by Paul Components.
CNC uses a computer controlled lathe that is able to take a block of aluminium and through 3D machining, turns the chunk of metal into whatever the computer design indicates.
The processing of fabrication produces three types of modules:
- High Modulus"
- Intermediate Modulus

Inernet Advertising :
Consists of advertising and selling Inverters on internet.
Advertise in Websites
Will have company Webpage
Printing Flyers and distributing them to local store and repair shops.
A diversity of affordable, high quality, Inverters,i.e. imported or local:

Service: Financing options for customers for approval of their desired range Product.
Before getting put for sale, each final product will be fully inspected.


 To win awards of excellence in providing secure, best and
on time service and to save people from wasting their time.
 To help engineering students be well trained and in turn they
will help building up the country and serving the nation.

• To become the premier invertor manufacturer.
• Increase sales to make inverter a sustainable business.
• Significantly increase sales by creating a new market segment of customers
Key to Success
 Precisely engineered products.
 Follow through on all commitments,
both to vendors and customers.
 Strict financial controls.

Muhammad Naveed Qamar
Kamal Ahmad
Muhammad Raza (shah group of campanies)
Hassan Naqvi (volts and amps company)
Media Partner:
Metro News
Target Market Sagment Stratergy
AnA-inverters's strategy for segmentation is fairly straight forward.
Individuals will be targeted through a sales campaign on the website.
The individual customers are important because they are the ones served up until now.
The profit margin is higher (although quantity is less) since there is no distribution layer.
Distributor customers will be targeted trough deals and relationships set up through industry trade shows.
They also assist in the selling of the product to the independent Inverters retailers, who then help sell it to the end consumer.
The Inverters industry is generally a three layered system (manufacturer, distributor, retailer).
Some manufacturers sell directly to the consumer, but most do not.
Within the last four years the industry has seen more direct marketing manufacturers, to a large degree a function of the operating efficiencies of the Internet.
Competition and buying Patterns
There are three main competitors and a few smaller manufacturers who are competitors.
 Mitsubishi inverter

This company manufactures electronics, invertors. industrial goods, and many more. Mistubishi products are decent but nothing special. They look cool, but are not super light and are not innovative in terms of manufacturing. This is a big company with a big sales base.
 APS Inverters
This company is known primarily for their Solar inverters, but have just come out with a new ultra light home inverters. The unit is quite light but reliability of this product is not as good as it is expected.

 Homage Inverters

Competitive Edge:
Marketing strategy:
Marketing strategy:
Individual Consumer
The following table details important Financial values.
Projected Profit and loss
Gross Margin Monthly graph is shown below which gives us about rough estimate of our business cost and profit
Projected Cash Flow
Following graph will give us how projected cash flow.

We are thinking of making our office in Karimabad area The population of Karimabd is mostly upper middle class and middle class, enabling the company to cater the target markets directly

Start up Cost
SWOT Analysis
The strong points of your company
 Our INVERTERS are clean and easily reachable.
 Our prices are cheaper than your competitors.
 Our service style is new to the area.
 Our offer a product no other business offers.
 Our have a branded image.
The weak points of our company

 We company is not established completely.
 We have limited funds available.
 We offer a product which is already available on the market..


Instances that can harm our company

 A high value brand is moving into the area.
 Our rent for office will increase soon.
 A main competitor has lowered their prices and started a price war with us
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