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Lawlessness v. Civilizing Forces

Closing the Western Frontier Group Project

Edward Terhune

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Lawlessness v. Civilizing Forces

Who Won the West?
civilizing forces
• It is a myth that the lawlessness overtook the West, the lawmen kept control at nearly every point
What was the cost of winning?
death on both sides
monetary impact
What happened to the loser?
gangs and outlaw bands became nearly nonexistent in the west
imprisonment, fines, execution, etc.
Effects on future generations
• Pinkerton Detective Agency leads to FBI
• Police strategies evolved
• Law enforcement became stricter
• Painted wild west as ruthless and provided for a Hollywood opportunity
• Allowed for the west to become settled and a prosperous and safe region

Who were the main players?

Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp were two of the most famous lawmen of the west
-Together they moved to Tombstone, Arizona and fought crime
-Other figures like Bat Masterson and Wild Bill Hickock also worked against outlaws
Jesse James was one of the most famous outlaws of the West
-Made his living with his brother Frank by robbing banks and stagecoaches
James Younger gang - Men that worked with Jesse James
Dalton Gang - Lawmen that turned outlaw after not being paid for their services
What was the major result?
Advancement in firearms technology;
-Colt Peacemaker
-Lever action rifles (short reloads)
-Gatling Gun (Machine gun)
The lawmen eventually win and effectively civilize the west.
-Outlaws simply ran out of uncivilized territory to hide in.


Civil Forces

Cow towns/Cowboy Violence Gun Control, Armed
New frontiersman's idea of Law Forces, and Fines
Criminals Stopping Criminals
Building a New City

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What drove settlers West?
1862-Homestead Act
encouraged settlers to move west
Manifest Destiny
America's destiny to expand west to Pacific ocean
Removal of Native Americans
in 1867 the government set aside land North of Nebraska and South of Kansas for trible resettlement
1862-Pacific Railway Act

What did the west offer?
Became a haven for criminals from the east
Better opportunity for economic prosperity
Merchants and tradesmen sought new customers and new leadership opportunities
laborers wanted higher paying work and better conditions
The “Wild” West was a lot tamer than we make it out to be.
The lawless men of the west knew to stay away from the towns and cities so they took to the roads and began attacking wagon trains and stagecoaches. But wagon trains often hired armed men to protect them and stagecoach companies had armed guards with sawed-off shotguns. The life of a lawless was very difficult and almost not worth the job.
Overall Goal: To shut out the outlaws from civilization along with making any raid at any place unsafe making their ways an occupation to be avoided.

Outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid weren’t brought into crime,
but rather chose it.

The Lawless
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