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Medgar Evers

No description

Alexa Julaton

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Medgar Evers

Remembering Evers...
After Evers's death, he gained honor and respect as a fighter:
Evers had the honor to be buried in the Arlington Cemetery
Later in 1963, Evers was given the Springan Medal from the NAACP
His name is on one of the Navy vessels, since 2009
Evers stood against injustice whenever it came, and supported and protected rights, freedom, and equality
Medgar Evers

Early Life/Education
On July 12, 1963, a gunshot was fired into Evers's back by Byron De La Beckwith
Evers had to face many challenges in his battle for desegregation. Several treats were sent to him and his family, some even threatening to kill Evers. This , however, did not shake him and he continued strong. When his opposers saw this their rage increased.
Medgar Evers had a strong personality. His determination and willpower helped him through many tough times, one example was when his family's house was bombed. His courage kept him strong despite his many challenges. Without his strong traits there may still be segregation in schools all around America to this day.
Death of Medgar Evers
Medgar Evers was born on July 2, 1925 in a small town called Decatur, Mississippi.
He was born from Jesse and James Evers and was one of four children. Evers had two sisters, Mary Ruth and Elizabeth, and one brother, Charles.
July 2, 1925 - July 12, 1963
At the age of 18, Evers was enlisted in the army. When he returned, Evers attended Alcorn State University were he studied business administration.
He was on Alcorn's football, track, and debate team and was even in the schools choir.
During his junior year, he was announced class president.
Evers grew up on a farm with his family. Even though there were schools near his house, he was forced to walk 12 miles everyday to an all black school.
Alcorn State University
By: Alexa Julaton, Mariah Barbaro, and Silvia Zou
De La Becwith was charged with murder about 30 years after Evers's death.
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