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Engaging students as partners

No description

Kathryn Foot

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Engaging students as partners

Engaging students as partners

This workshop will demonstrate how the Birmingham Personal Skills Award and The Cardiff Award have engaged students as partners, for the benefit of both the student and the Award.

We will:
look at recruitment and benefits in terms of added value and cost-effectiveness,
show examples of student engagement and detail the benefits the students feel it has brought to them,
give some practical ideas to take back to your programmes and hopefully a spark of inspiration!

About The Presenters and their Awards
Key Reasons
Partnership with students helps to ensure that students views are taken into account in the design and delivery of the Award

Encouraged by QAA

It enhances their own learning experience

If your Award is under-staffed they can be a cost effective answer

Important for reflection, review and quality assurance.
What we do: Differences
Student Union Partnership
Inclusion in Steering Group
Creation of Award documentation
Long term impact study
Social Media Intern

Unreliable if unpaid - academic deadlines always take priority
Timetabling of lectures
Allocating time for training and support
Timely recruitment and handover
Group Work
Resources: post-its
Groups of four/five
Today's session
Kathryn Foot,
Cardiff Award Manager
What we do: Similarities
Focus Groups
Social media support
I had the pleasure of completing the Cardiff Award in 2012, and then becoming a mentor for the Award in 2013, and working very closely with Kath. We worked together to scope the mentoring role as it had not been developed previously. She was always open to ideas and questions that I had, but also gave me the space to develop the role in my own way.
Cardiff Award Student Mentor
Award students are perfectly placed to promote the Award and explain it to students, they can be generic or specific.
They have a wealth of talent and are adept with social media!
They can help de-mystify the Award to interested and current students, they are great source of support.
It adds value to their Award experience.
Working for the Award has been a great experience. I learned a lot about how much work and effort goes into making the Award a worthwhile qualification for the student. I gained a lot of confidence by speaking to a variety of students, and doing presentations promoting the Award in front of a lecture full of students.

As well as gaining insight into the behind the scene process of the Award, working for the Award also helped me pass and gain the qualification itself, as I was working for the Award whilst completing it myself.

The confidence I gained helped me immensely when doing my presentation. As well as giving me work experience hours to count towards the Award. Working for the Award made me feel like I was part of the team helping students gain a valuable qualification, and worthwhile experiences. I would highly recommend doing the Award, and working for the Award to everyone!
Student Presenters
Delivering Induction Sessions
Meeting with External Examiner
Case Studies
End of year evaluations
Discuss how you currently use students in the delivery of your award (if applicable).
Identify other opportunities, outside of those discussed in the session, to work with students as partners.
Discuss the benefits and difficulties within your institution.
Unique perspective on award developments.

Ability to spot opportunities for development/change.

Enhances their skill base and opens up networks.

Opens doors to new supported experiences e.g. teaching and assessing.
I just wanted to say I have absolutely loved working for the PSA team. I think the department is exactly how I think the public sector/third sector should be run. I really felt I have been able to develop and grow because of the management of the PSA team. Thank you for being amazing!
PSA Student Ambassador
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