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Our Hub

An inquiry into the Ethos and Vision of Hub Melbourne

Julian Waters-Lynch

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Our Hub

Startup Incubator
Culture and Social

Hub Melbourne Ethos and Vision Inquiry
What is the Hub?
What do you like most about being part of the community?
Peer to Peer (P2P)
To not work from home
Like minded people
What is your sense of the vision for Hub Melbourne?
What led you to join Hub Melbourne?
Train station
Stay Fresh
More Space
Culture of hosting moves from core team to members
Members' to change their projects and behaviour
What would you like Hub Melbourne to aspire to be?
Engage with business and larger organisations
Second floor
Keep evolving
Positively impact the wider system
Don't force it just let it evolve naturally
Global connections
Profile Melbourne
Members tap global network
What are the key values, beliefs
or questions that drive your own work?
What are the key values, beliefs
or questions that you consider Hub Melbourne members share?
Open to new people, ideas, technology,
business models.


A place to work that's not at home.
A co-working space with lots of different business in it.
A coworking space for social entrpreneurs - a place to connect with people and have a community of workers.
A second home / office.
I say it's a coworking space different to shared office because of facilitated connection by hosts. Jan.
An empty house that's all set up – everything is here, dinning room, living room all we need is the people to come in and interact.
Safe space. Share anything.
It's a place where I can base myself in Melbourne (because I live out of town). It's where I can meet people - by design or by serendipity.
I live two hours away in the country and it's an opportunity to have a city base and prestigious address.
An interesting space in which to watch the emergence of new thought and ways of working in the world.
A spot where you can work when you need to and reach out when you need to.
Something about the aesethics of this space makes me work and do things in a particular way.
It's an experiment in new business models involving space, thinking and the nature of interactions that happen.
It's a more eco-friendly office space it enables companies to share space and facilities.
Hub is - a co-working space but you realise there's more to it at first. Adoption goes in stages
It just felt like home...from the first moment I walked in.
The best communities work well in an informal manner - i love the structured informality - the clubs, yammer, lots of face to face sessions here.
A co-working community - a space where you can go and connect with other people but also get inspired. Conversations lead to opportunities...whether social or business opportunities.
It's my tribe. Good vibe, good space to share ideas, to do networking...and to work.
A membership community that exists to drive innovation through collaboration. There's a clubhouse where members get together to work and create, learning and events members could participate and infrastructure to connect members.
It's a place to come to work and to feel part of a community and work environment even if you work alone.
There's a sense of belonging to something.
It's enabling me to be working by myself, for myself but surrounded by productive, like minded people.
A recent age article on coworking painted Hub as the 'social space' to work in as opposed to some of the other coworking offering.
Pozible benefits a lot from the Hub in terms of connections, target audience and co-promotion value.
The Hub being innovative reflects really well on our brand - we need to be seen as innovative and the hub reflects this. Younger generation different from the old school corporates.
Starting within and utilising the talent within the network offers an opportunity to profile all sorts of niches and gives us an opportunity to get to know each other.
A learning network that drives innovation through collaboration.
Kind of like eliot and ET...incidental and purposeful connections can be found.
A place of energies where as an artist I can feed on people's belief systems, life changing energy – innovation, creativity and wanting to make a difference. As opposed to me being only with other visual artists, you don't get the same dynamic when there are real people doing what they believe in, rather than just artistic people focusing on their own work.
A place where new ideas have an opportunity to spawn and be shared with others who can empower this.
An open working area for startups and incubators - for collaboration.
A safe-haven.
Something that's hard to describe...
A seething pit of good stuff.
Once you are poured in and you get to breath you cant help but be the best you can be.
Sharing resources.
But it's really about the people, the serendipity, the innovation the collaboration, the friendships and the like minded people.
It's a place where I can base myself in Melbourne (because I live out of town). It's where I can meet people - by design or by serendipity.
by design...
A space that facilitates serendipitous encounters and connections
A place where people from all walks of life come together to work in the same space, attend events and share their lives together. We make the world more expansive and effective by working and sharing together.
Also a place to hook into different courses and events of common interest.
The Hub team works hard to actively promote connections and collaboration through all the formal and informal events.
Is a place where I can go to for expansive conversations and events. I can meet like-minded individuals and at these same time I am interacting with a diverse set of opinions, skills, backgrounds and expertise.
A membership community that exists to drive innovation through collaboration. There's a clubhouse where members get together to work and create, learning and events members could participate and infrastructure to connect members.
Evolution of consciousness and culture.
Collaborative community
A place to meet and co-work with other 'switched-on' people.
A hub of social entrepreneurs.
It's more like a hive than a hub.
I was impressed by Brad’s energy and vision. Seemed to me that this vision was of something designed the way the workplace should be.
The Questions
1. What is Hub Melbourne to you?

2. What led you to join Hub Melbourne and have your expectations been met?

3. What do you like most about being part of the community?

4. What is your sense of the vision for Hub Melbourne?

5. What would like the Hub to aspire to be?

6. What are the key values, beliefs or questions that drive your own work?

7. What are the key values, beliefs or questions that you consider Hub Melbourne members share?

8. Would you have the time, capacity and interest to work more formally with Hub members on projects in the future?
I love the freedom that being part of a community that is so open to anything allows.
Standard ordinary offerings fine. Ergonomic chair with good lighting. This is important.
The location and the space. There's a dynamic vibe in the workplace. I love the diversity of stuff that people are working on.
This is a neutral space for me - it offers me something where i can detach from other influences.
The diversity of the space, the earthiness of it. There's some very interesting people in here - that's definitely a big part of it.
I like having meetings here - there's lots of space, it's available. It reflects well on my own business.
The kitchen. I love the green room and all the activities there. I love the views. Love the red cedar in the ceiling. I like the diversity. The whiteboards. The couches.
A chance to work in a different environment.
As a physical workspace it's more than met my expectations.
The social glue mentioned earlier is the key factor. It puts the "co" into "coworking". It's what distinguishes Hub from office suites, working at home or some of the other coworking sites which are just drop-in desks.
An introduction to hundreds of great, inspiring people in Melbourne. Those networks themselves extend much further out...being aware that you're part of a community of changemakers.
I've been surprised at how fast the interaction has happened – to have people ask me about my work and my own opinion on what they're doing has been fantastic.
There's an ethos and culture within Hub Melbourne that captivates me. There's a level of diversity that you'll never get from the big-end of town. There's a real sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere - its not something that you can bottle, it grows organically like some of the greatest cities in the world.
Fresh eyes, insight into different values and work cultures, friendship, business relationships, synergy and serendipity.
The energy and buzz.
Moving down a road that you've never been before and connecting with people who have been there is really validating.
For me the social interaction, running group, lunch, barbecue etc.
I like the fact that generally I can get an answer - largely through the face to face relationships. These have been enables by thursday lunches, friday drinks and better business club.
The willingness of people to help out when someone asks for it.
The willingness to challenge the status quo - it's bordering on a manifesto, a vision to try something different.
Fresh eyes, insight into different values and work cultures, friendship, business relationships, synergy and serendipity.
The energy and buzz.
Moving down a road that you've never been before and connecting with people who have been there is really validating.
For me the social interaction, running group, lunch, barbecue etc.
Meeting new people and finding different takes on ideas that just astound me. To meet someone that's working on, illumination, what a great idea. I'm glad someone's doing that I can draw on that inspiration.
The diversity of members who share similar unspoken vision and values for Hub.
Meeting other members and feeling connected to the scene in Melbourne.
I like the people - the way people communicate and connect to each other is really good.
Friendly and like-minded people to connect to but also the opportunity to connect for those that are from 'outside' of normal networks (for. eg. corporate and government). Its a place to test your ideas and build ideas, networks and knowledge.
The attraction of such eclectic group of people, 1+1=3, the evolving collective care for the planet, watching the community grow, being a part of something larger than yourself.
The diversity of people I've met, and the opportunity to learn from others as well as help others when I can.
It's like having the best part of colleagues, but ones you choose rather than are forced together with. I like to be able to choose who to engage with and on what level.
Finding like-minded people.
When I talk to people I can see that they're looking if I have something to offer and if we could do something together.
The longstanding relationships I've developed.
The social professional cross-over makes things more efficient.
Feeling like someone cares that you turn up, this is different to working at home.
There's a good spirit of collaboration rather than competition.
I like the social aspects - the shared lunches and the friendliness of people. Getting messages about things that are happening.
When you're by yourself there's nothing to bounce off.
I have lived in this town all my life and know a lot of people in Melbourne - with a vibrant atmosphere like this the two attractors are find a stronger communal environment but also to stay connected with the younger generations (I'm turning 50 soon).
I really enjoy working in a diverse ecology. Even though there's a strong social enterprise and start up culture - i don't really fit into that - I value and thrive on the diversity of the membership.
I like the friendships that I've made with people
The interactions and the ability to tune in or tune out. The access to diverse insights and opinions and skills.
Being known. The cheers factor - everybody knows your name.
People in the space are generally happier, friendlier, more engaged and more articulate than most places you'll go, be that for work or pleasure. I'm lucky enough to have some pretty amazing friends with great talents and intellects, I'm drawn to such types; it's pleasing here at Hub that so many clever and creative people are in the mix. Although the diversity is not where it could be in terms of racial profiling - reflecting the multicultural nature of Melbourne, I think the great diversity and wisdom of the crowd is sensational, people from a variety of backgrounds and professions, across a reasonable age spread (I'm a big fan of intergenerational connections) really provides the community with so much wealth and wisdom.
This place has a real Gen Y feel but is open to older people.
There's a nice creative atmosphere. There's a sense of openness, open to new possibilities and new things. I think that's good.
There's some really awesome people as part of it. There's some amazing ideas. Sometimes the subject matter is a little bit narrow, but the ideas, thinking, openness is great.
Jan does a great job of making people feel welcome.
I like the host, the fact it's hosted.
My relationships with Brad, Ehon and Jan are all really great.
I like that there are events - sometimes I go for the shared experience with members rather than the content.
The access to events and feeling like this is partially our space that I can hire and use.
I like the Hub being global - it's something that really attracts me even though I don't use this component much.
I talk to everyone I know about Hub Melbourne, I start with coworking but when I mention the global possibilities it's a real tipping point for them.
You really never know what's going to happen until you walk in the door. Some people can't deal with that very well but it always leads to awesome possibilities.
Not knowing what comes next, the possibilities is only limited by our imagination.
I'm glad to be part of the experiment, knowing it will change over the years.
One defining aspect of Hub is it's engagement with larger organisations.
You can't envisage how your day is going to pan out.
I love seeing the development of particular enterprises. I life the fact that there are NGOs here, and it makes their operations affordable and sustainable.
I don't know and I'm a bit worried about it.
It supports the ecosystem for a model of business that will probably be the standard in the future.
I'm not sure what hub Melbourne is trying to create, sometimes I see activity that looks tactical but I'm not sure what the long term strategy.
Community with a deep sense of trust
a network that can solve any problem
Modeling what the world should be
Facilitating serendipitous innovations
Building trust relationships within the community of unbelievable talents to solve wicked problems and explore awesome opportunities
Connection, fostering creativity and innovation. A place where ideas can thrive.
A community that provides a vehicle, tools and resources for people to create change where every they are.
A brand new world of work, especially for innovators and startups. This includes social innovation but not just limited to this - for creatives and business too.
Enabling ideas
Enabling more engagement for new ideas to be implemented and realised.
To lead in time based work places and collaborative work environments - to be an institution in the innovative start up world in Melbourne.
I think the idea in theory is to allow a broad enough mix of people to share a space and collaborate.
Difficult to know because there's not a lot of talk about that...or a lot of things. Would like more information about concept and philosophy.
A sustainable future. It is however not clear to me what the definition of sustainable is for the Hub community.
A great achievement would be finding a way to harness the Hub talent pool to initiate something of lasting benefit not just for members, but for the community, whether at the global, national, local or even neighbourhood level. Exactly what that may be I don't know yet.
The purpose is the future of work - coworking spaces are just obvious.
Difficult to know because there's not a lot of talk about that...or a lot of things. Would like more information about concept and philosophy.
No idea.
I'm not sure that it needs to say anything more.
Not quite sure.
I think its purpose is strong - a space for co-working and collaboration.
To challenge existing notions of work spaces and influence progressive change in the way people work.
A world where people know (not believe) that anything is possible.
I don't think there is one yet is there? I guess we're going to figure this out over the next few weeks.
I would like to see it spawn new spaces, new places for this community to grow because we will outgrow this space.
It's grown so quickly that people are starting to rub against each other...there's potential for conflict.
What it really needs is to break out of the confines of the space and spill out into the wider context.
There could be hub satellites around the city.
Once a start up grows to about 5 it becomes expensive to be here. It would be a pity if the 'success stories' disengaged after they grow.
Maybe it could be more connected with other businesses - NAB could promote their connection with Hub for example
You've got to be assured that the microcosmos isn't getting ahead of itself. If everyone is talking hip new languages, it can alienate people.
Aiming to connect more and more diversity. It's doing a good job, but this can improve. There are some good corporate links but why not 100 more.
I would like Hub to reach out to the business communities that we've all come out of to infuse collaborative ideas into those workspaces. Then they see what's happening and see how people can be independent but work together to get things done.
A situation where members become defaults hosts. The space is hosted by the community rather than the core team - the natural reaction to someone new is to provide meaningful connections.
What I'd like it to aspire to be is to continue to be fresh, which is a massive undertaking.
It needs to challenges the members/businesses on how they think they're going to be effective in achieving their goals.
The worst thing you can do if you're an activist (or want to change the world) is pretend that others don't have a role in this.
Support, enable, challenge or inspire
I hope to see the day when teams of Hub members can form consortiums to bid for major projects, whether in the government, corporate or community space.
I think it should be able to present itself to the world as having an offer - not just for people who want to work here but for people who want to tap in as a resource. In other words - 'if you want to get something done go to Hub Melbourne'
An over-arching consultancy that pitched for work and shared the resourcing amongst the members.
In some ways if it ain't broke don't fix it, but there needs conscious attention to subtle changes - i see that happening here with changes to the furniture and other changes every few weeks.
I'm happy to go with the flow.
Leaving it an open question is useful.
This place keeps my feet on the ground and keeps me inspired.
Lonely working alone at home. Needing more peer support.
Starting my own business and looking for a space to have an office with a similar ethos.
To get out of home.
Isolation at home led me to join.
Constant serendipitous moments where you discover gems of information everyday that can change your life...this would never happen at home in many offices.
Brad emailed me when he was back from Spain we mapped out various coworking spaces when I was working at Deloitte. I joined yammer about the time hub opened.
The Hub attracts socially minded people who want to start a business rather than business entrepreneurs that want to move into a social (environmental) space.
To meet like-minded people getting their startups off the ground. I came to the opening not knowing what it was but once I started speaking to people I realised it was exactly what I was looking for.
Working on their own stuff but sharing space and maybe a mindset.
It's one thing creating music in your bedroom by yourself and another thing jamming with other people.
To meet people, to get a sense of what else goes on.
My boss George had a membership, suggested I join came to a Thursday session with brad and was just blown away by the fact that this place exists.
I heard what brad had to say and and was convinced by what i saw over his shoulder.
We were going to set up a Hub in Perth. I met Brad to find out more about it and I agree it's about the next stage of the complexity of freelancing.
I met Brad a couple of years ago and thought he seemed a bit nuts talking about this Hub thing. He was however highly energetic. And I try to move towards positive energy so for me the place was always an attraction. My expectations have been met and for me The Hub becomes better for every day.
Location was the big one for us, and the other co-working spaces were very 'tech' orientated.
Web search looking for co-working. Clincher - enormous potential of the connections, the concept of being enmeshed, the synchronicity of things, that I'm working with chaos complexity theory. Brad used the word synchronicity.
Brad Krauskopf's vision at the Google un-conference
Meeting Brad.
My partners' friend is a founding member of donkey wheel, and when I came in and spoke to brad I realised this was a space I could work in, feed off and hopefully contribute to.
Proximity to the station (convenience), a stable place to work and some of the members.
Location/accessibility. Cost - it's a good deal - and because I sold the idea that as a statewide peak body whose role is to work through networks to get stuff done
I joined Hub Melbourne after attending an event there and really liking the vibe of the place. It's location is also idea for me being right across form SCS.
The fact that the organisation was hosted was a key reason.
Would you have the time, capacity and interest to work more formally with Hub members on projects in the future?
Some questions we share...

How do we create new models, products and services that better serve our future opportunities and challenges?

How do we improve the quality of our relationship to work?

How do we foster consideration of economic, social and ecological prosperity?


The big three values currently trending in our community...
Areas of current awesomeness...



Hosting team
Areas of future awesomeness...
Curated collaborative innovation

Literacy around design & entrepreneurship

Greater engagement with both connect members and larger organisations

Maintaining engagement with Hub enterprises as they grow (beyond five employees)
Authentic engagement and self-expression.
freedom, expression
Open and Creative
Pragmatic and Entrepreneurial
Community and Collaboration
A better future
economically, socially and environmentally
Inquiry and curiosity
I have a design background so I love stuff that looks great and is highly functional.
I love the idea of changing people's behaviour through technology.
Bringing humanness and play back into meetings
Creating space for people to explore their learning edges
To create a new way of doing and being in business.
Do something new/different everyday
I like to play at a certain edge. I don't have patience for resistance to change.
Creativity, imagination and innovation.
Enjoy myself in the process
Being open and approachable
Creativity & Innovation
It's possible to make things real through any process and nothing is too hard.
Integrity and reality
I'm passionate about tech startup companies.
In many ways businesses have driven people. I believe in people driving businesses. So you intentionally craft your business to achieve what you want in your life. I want my kids to look at business because they see that people do good, have kick arse lives and earn good money. This connects with the people, planet and profit idea.
The biggest one is that if you're going to change the world you need to include business. Real business. People in the private sector are so powerful that we need to include them in building solutions otherwise they will fight against it.
I think one difference might be accountability that's missing with Hub members
How can we help entrepreneurs to pass from the idea to the finished product.
Strategic implementation towards specific KPIs
How do we positively build on what exists today?
Human potential and development
There's always a better way and it doesn't have to be the way it is.
This allows me to live the dream.
Healthy/realistic development at whatever stage people are at
Be a jack of all trades a master of at least one
I value sharing resources that allow me to perform at higher potential. I value the lightness. The cloud that provides access rather than ownership. This allows me to be lighter and more agile.
Capacity-building: facilitate the growth and learning of individuals and groups
How can we enable people to find their passions and align their work with their passions.
How can we not revolutionize, but evolutionize the education system
Am I doing today better than I did yesterday?
My own personal way of working is about drawing the best out of people and providing them with a meaningful place to live, work and contribute.
Providing opportunities for self empowerment of human potential.
That everyone has the answers to whatever problems they face within them.
And that human beings are all learners.
Building capacity and resilience
How do we do things that improve other's experience
Inclusiveness and generosity
I need access to a crowd, I assume I have access to the internet and can bounce a question off a mass social network.
Co-generation: engage in relationships and activities that are generative for all parties involved
How can we enable collaboration
How can diverse groups of people benefit from each other's difference to create more democratic participation.
Collaborative ways of working - we've been able to use this space to encourage other organisations that we work with to better collaboratively (SSE, SEEDS for example) Changemakers connect.
Collaboration and community
That every human spirit is sacred and equal
Connecting people and ideas
Good group process.
Sharing knowledge, empathy, generosity and trust
Sharing, engaging with confident and open coworkers.
Work-life balance
Making the world a better place to live and work in. My own contribution is to develop technologies that will change things for the better.
Holistic and principles based practice.
Everything we do has economic, environmental and social outcomes that are all positive.
As a designer I try and apply a whole-of-problem approach when engaging clients. What are you doing/would you like to do and how can we do it better in terms of performance and communication? Are you trying to help make the world a better place or simply supplying more of the same? Will you adopt more environmentally/ethically sound methods in your means of production/supply chain/service offering? It's a solutions based approach where we look to an idealised outcome and then work backwards in an attempt to join the dots from the here and now to the future in the most effective manner.
Systemic: work that addresses the system as a whole

Triple Bottom line.
Is it good for people?
Is it good for the environment?
Is it creating the world i want to live in?
Is it financially sustainable?
That living sustainably is at the core of all things that make up our planet and therefore every action I take I strive to be an example to myself and others. I believe that in order to create change and inspire better ways of thinking and doing requires working together to generate the momentum required to facilitate our aspirations for the world at a micro and macro level.
Question - Why do we continue to do things that harm our environment and put our existence at risk?

To leave my world and community in the best possible state I can imagine so that whatever comes after can be the best they can be.
True prosperity for a global community
Social Justice
Environmental Sustainability.
Belief - The value of the natural environment and how it contributes to a happy and healthy society.
Sustainable: outcomes which will continue to flourish
Important: work that is important to our community and society
Basically, we help business make money without screwing people and the planet in the process. We think it’s about being good right down to your bones.
I passionately believe in business - I think NGOs can sometimes be blinded by their passion or lack rigor.
We are trying to change the lives of 1.8 billion people on the planet through a for profit business.
A passion for a more sustainable society. Need to respect and understand our role within a broader ecology. My practice is about engaging the creative sector in that challenge and thinking imaginatively in cross-disciplinary sense across boundaries
Environmental sustainability. Creating change within all Australian organisations.
I'm passionate about alleviating energy poverty. Even the poorest people in the world shouldn't be stuck with second grade outcomes and no choice.
I want to make a difference. When i get to the end of the journey I'll hope to explain what that means.
Making a difference
Where am I best placed to create the biggest impact in the world and in communities
Creating a more just and sustainable world. A world where everyone feels connected and empowered to make change.
Creating a better future for Australia, where the cultures and world views of the first Australians have an equal influence on the future of our society alongside the post-invasion cultures.
Justice - for aboriginal people.
I want to be making a difference in people's lives. I want to provide them with something that respects their intelligence and shows that I value their time.
Endless curiosity.
You never learn anything without asking a question
Deep Inquiry
Curiosity about how things (and the world) works
Social inquiry
Self awareness
Being open and approachable.
A strong sense of what can be achieved through an open, considerate and collaborative approach that can change the world and the way that we work in it.
Inquiry, questioning. Diversity - (but not across all areas, for example extroverts versus introverts).
Maybe 'How can we make things better?'
Creativity & Innovation
I love that there are consultants and bubbleoligists here...
Also having crazy, bat-shit ideas thrown around to make a better world.
Fun and playfulness
Innovation through collaboration. People enjoy what they do - more so than any other work place and believe in what they do.
And creative.
Open listening
Openness (to new things).
Working on things that don't exist yet - creating new programs/organisations.
Very similar in terms of innovation
Innovation and a bit of fun.
Openness - you can't collaborate without openness.
Openness, flexibility, curiosity
Positivity, what if?
People enjoy, believe in and feel good about what they do.
All ideas are valid
I think that feeling of freedom to be who you truly are is strong.
Self actualised
This is hard to answer as I am but one member and cannot speak truly for the community on their individual beliefs and motivations. Not all people here aspire to the same lofty ideals as all of us, some just come to do some work, normal work that doesn't much do anything for awareness, community building or subverting the dominant paradigm. Some of them I hazard a guess don't even understand much of what that is. People come from differing perspectives, some do more than all of us, there are differing business models and personalities, different backgrounds and levels of education and awareness. One thing I can offer is that most people are open minded enough to not need their own "space" or work in a stuffy corporate office, anchored to some boring 9-5 type job. Beyond that though, are people really as conscious of environmental "sustainability" as I am? Probably not. Do I walk as straight as others working to free refugees from detention or vegans in general or those who don't need to self medicate with alcohol and other things..? Probably not either. I leave the judgement to others!
People are self-directed and self motivated.
A sense of freedom, a different way of thinking and doing business,supporting and working together to strengthen each others missions or purpose for being.
People are prepared to challenge convention.
More people are taking risks than other workplaces
Challenge and take on your fears
I think this is where it's dangerous to make any assumptions. I actually don't know, we've never defined them
Aspiring to do good and working together.
People looking for like-minded people, but not sure what that means.
Care about community.
A new kind of working space that we all benefit from.
The things that impressed me most when I first came to Hub is that Ehon's job existed - that someone was dedicated to helping people connect and collaborate.
There's an appreciation of community - that's what i get from the Thursday lunches.
They want to make the world a better place.
Compassion, conscious, innovative, caring, unconventional thinking and talking about doing through collaboration and innovation.

What contribution can we make to my community and society? What role can I play in that?
How can we create more happiness? What role can I play in that?
Environmental Sustainability
Social Justice
Connection; social responsibility; environmental responsibility; whole body approach to life and work; importance of social interactions; diversity of people and ideas
Giving back - social entrepreneurship.

Changing the world - making it a better place. In a whole variety of ways.
Giving and sharing.
Appears that coming together over food. Respect. Growing something.
I think they all share the want, desire or drive (maybe a natural inclination) to include others.
A belief in collaborative ways of working. There are quite a lot of members that are working for social good, others I'm not so sure about or I don't know about.
Socially responsible
That's the glue that keeps this place together (as contrasted with york butter factory where a zero sum game mentality).
I believe in the power of community - that's the reason why we ended up here.
The thing i love the most and the thing that I think we all share is a strong sense of community.
Issues of social justice, fairness, collectivity, sharing.

It's not about open office space so much as an open heart.
I get things back from the act of giving. I've recently been helping out Pozible with contacts in film and media...for me it's a great pleasure.
I've spent most of my life helping people who ask for things and I'm happy to help people who ask for things.
Collaboration and responsibility.
The social element is very strong - developing a business around a way of giving back. Sometimes there can be a heaviness about this, but I love that Hub keeps a lightness, a freedom about this...if it's too heavy I start questioning things, even if the words are about saving the world or giving back. I think Hub has a good balance here.
Willingness to collaborate
Sharing, knowledge share.
Sustainability, collaboration, integrity.
Shared responsibility, generosity, trust, sustainability
People are more active citizens', compassionate, thinking about things a little more than the average person and prepared to follow through.
Changing people's behaviour with technology and cutting edge thinking.
That change can be made, the value of people as core to developing enterprise and making change.
I think many hub members think we need to build new businesses rather than helping the existing businesses change.
I think the misalignment with my values is around the role of business in achieving this.
How best can it (member's project) be done. Always looking for the best, quality of execution and tangible outcomes etc.
Some people think that large organisations are the devil (the problem). I don't, lare is just large and they can have a large impact. Some things can only be done with that scale.
Responsible with their time.
Some people are practical about their dream, and some are just in their dream.
Care about the physical space.
Being proud of the Hub and the value it offers.
Giving up/recognising what ever you think is unique or special to yourself - paying forward.
Belief in the hope of the human spirit.
Make positive change in this world
Maybe that's just a result of getting to know more people throughout the Hub network. "
service beyond self
Many of the above - initially I would have said there was less of a focus on sustainability, but this has changed significantly in the last few months.
Giver's gain
Synergistic value
I don't know.
I think members share a sense of possible and aspiration to do things differently, more collaboratively and in a way that gives them meaning (amongst other things). In the details of how this plays out, I imagine people still also have a lot of differences in what this means to them personally.

Possibly. Depends in what capacity.
Of course ....if i have the time and inclination ( depending on the project). I would be happy to help Hub members.
Yes for sure!
There should be a system - at the moment there are a lot of project ideas. I would like to see project log/ideas/evaluation system that is physically visible. Maybe the whiteboard in the green room could be used for this and the ambassadors could be part of the selection committee. There needs to be feedback and transparency in this. "
Yes - where I think I can make a contribution.
Yes, and have done so.
I have engaged members to do work for me, and have also been engaged by other members for their own projects. I am interested to offer my services to others.
Yes - I would like the Hub to create a system to identify ideas, assess the potential of those ideas and make these ideas happen.
Naturellement :)
We would be very keen to engage with that...one idea I loved at Hub Amsterdam was a clinic, a list of skills. Maybe Hub Melbourne could do a better skill mapping, sharing and a clinic.
Definitely have time and interest.
Yeah - very interested in whatever's being developed.
The conventional approach is what's in it for me, but here it's about what's in it for the community.
Very much so. To get out of hub you've got to give.
Interest yes.
I've been lucky to meet people that attract and filter good souls.
Yes - my life's mission has been looking for good souls.
Yes - in any way shape form possible.

Yes – it's happening.

It's like a coffee shop where people actually speak to one another.
Yes – my capacity as a coach.
Yes - most people here don't have a clue how to run a business and I would like to assist people who are very good at what they do. This isn't enough to have a successful business, I would like to help people with this.
Yes - what does formal mean in this context?
At the moment no because Pozible is so busy I can't take extra work on, but I'm happy to share in more informal ways through workshops, deep dinners etc.
Probably not.
My current commitment to better business hub club is enough for now.
I would be keen to work with hub Melbourne members on commercial projects.
Hub projects or any projects?
I'm already working with Hub members it appears to me that this is an area that takes a long time for promise to be realised. I've been here nearly 2 years, in that time I've developed excellent relationships but I certainly haven't easily found collaborators. It's only quite recently that opportunity has come my way.
In principle yes and we do. We'd be happy to offer skill shares or offer advice to members. There's a limit as to how much we can give voluntarily.
Can you say more about this.
Depends on details of projects.
What sort of projects?
I'm happy to work for free if there is an end. But I'm not sure what the end is here.
Interested in complex and formal gigs that pay.
Historically when I've given my services away, they're the people that least appreciate it.
If there's a value exchange and I believe in the vision.
For free or for a fee?
Where it aligned with our core organisational objectives yes, but we can't afford to take on too much as an organisation for sustainability reasons.
Time and capacity would depend..
Take a reading of membership experience

Better understand member's values and aspirations

Explore what's possible for the next stage of Hub

What's next?
What's your reaction?
Does this align with your experience?
What are we missing?
The sharing that goes on between people, a lot of my current conversations are through Yammer.
The vibe, the connections, the events.
A gathering place/platform for collaboration.
A physical space in the city which supports my working life and connections with other entrepreneurial, community minded people.
It's a really nice place to work from, convenient, great customer service and brilliant services.
A place to meet and co-work with other 'switched-on' people
A cooperative working space where entrepreneurial people can do work they couldn't otherwise get done.
It's a place where anyone looking to share, innovate or collaborate can base themselves and build meaningful relationships with other people working in similar or complimentary spaces in Melbourne.
Hub Melbourne's amazing.
My sense is that Hub Melbourne is nailing it! But I could see it expand into much more. Conferences, workshops, Hub Clubs, etc.
A dynamic peer to peer learning space.
A trusted community where members come together to solve some of the world's most pressing problems, and also discover new opportunities for the future.
I know Brad wants to move towards a shared ownership model. I think that's good and will bring a solidity to projects that come and will draw more members. Purpose for perpetuity.
The pursuit of knowledge and improvement, society and culture not just about economic growth.
A world where new ways of doing business are part of everyday execution
Create a strong secure base for entrepreneurs to create change in the world.
I've always seen that it's destined for greatness - so many great people in a start up phase, as they find success the future will be brighter...Hub Melbourne is an environment that makes you feel asking for help is ok.
Sustainable...might be wishful thinking. I don't know - I have clarity around what some of the members are doing but not Hub itself.
The purpose is the future of work - coworking spaces are just obvious.
Coworking spaces are the physical embodiment of the principles of social network technology.
It's vague. Innovation through collaboration but I don't know what that means. Is it happening?
As we move forward into the 21st Century there is an acknowledgment that how we live, work and play will change dramatically. How that will change and what that will look like is very uncertain. Hub Melbourne can become an innovator that leads the way for industry and society on a range of levels.
One where we're actively connected to a work based community of similar shared values.
Not sure. I think it's about the growth of (spiral dynamics) green businesses.
Start up projects, teams businesses. It's where you foster things rather than complete. Start up projects, teams businesses. It's where you foster things rather than complete.
It's about self hosting, running things yourself, growing together in a way that the community wants so that the landlord can move on to other things.
The message is don't depend on us.
I think it already has in place what it needs to have for the future and this is embedded within the Hub culture: flexibility, there is no other word for it.
Graphics drawn by Jessamy Gee (http://artideas.com.au/) in real time during town hall meeting on August 23, 2012...
The aim of this project is that the content evolves to reflect our membership. Please let us know your thoughts on yammer #hubethos...
We value being open to new ideas, people technology and business models.

We value entrepreneurship, feasibility, viability, follow-through and the capacity to get things done.

We value personal choices, self-direction and the freedom for authentic self-expression.

We value community, social capital, responsibility and a holistic approach to life and work.

Increase our ability to connect members

Launch learning membership

Map the talent in our network

Expand the Melbourne clubhouse

If you're not a member, please get in touch at http://hubmelbourne.com/contact
A foreword...
Hub Melbourne (established March 2011) is an innovative and collaborative learning community and it felt important to strive to break new ground when we say what we are about. The thought of a static, top-down, vision/ mission/ values statement set in stone for all to comply with did not did not seem innovative, inspiring, and in many ways would go against the grain of who we really are. The values of our network have always been the sum of the values of our members. We are deliberately diverse and change is a given. When I asked @jwaterslynch to take a dynamic snapshot of Hub that would allow for our ethos to evolve as our community evolved, I had no idea that he would present it as a 'Prezi'. I consider his choice of canvas a masterstroke and as telling about Hub as the picture he paints:

It's live - it's not a file that will be downloaded by somebody at a point in time, it's a link to a constantly updated representation about the current reality of our community. We will constantly update this live presentation of our ethos.

It's simple and complex at the same time. Ah Hub, so simple yet so damn complex, kind of like every other community I guess. Zoom-out for the big-picture, zoom-in if you want to take a peak under the covers.

Ideas are the hierarchy and the voices diverse. The size of the bubbles and the fonts indicate where the energy lies and how collectively loud the voices are.

Whilst I was consulted on the questions asked, I am not privy to who said what and this bubble of words are my only contribution. I thank all those that contribute to making Hub Melbourne what it is and what it can become.

This is OUR HUB as at August 2012 and ~650 members.

Happy collaborating,
Brad Krauskopf, Co-Founder, Hub Melbourne.
Four key values
With generative learning at the heart...

Keeping it fresh and dynamic – which is really hard when your organisation is growing very quickly. They have really good people in the staff, Jan focuses on being mindful, Ehon brings youth, energy and technical knowledge...Leslie and Brian are awesome.
The hardest thing about this environment is keeping fresh.
Engage in big picture issues
A place that contributes to its community - not just its members but its geographic community. By contributes I mean interacts and engages with, so it becomes a bit more publicly accessible.

A place that's contributing to positive social change in its communities
A great achievement would be finding a way to harness the Hub talent pool to initiate something of lasting benefit not just for members, but for the community, whether at the global, national, local or even neighbourhood level. Exactly what that may be I don't know yet.
A place that engages with the City of Melbourne Community and uses its skills, talents and knowledge of its network to influence change at at a community and policy level
The key word is community. The way I interpret that...it's about self management, totally autonomous as a collective.
The world is going through huge changes and hub demonstrates useful, positive, innovative ways of engaging with these changes.
More diversity in space - maybe the second floor. A place people could go sleep, exercise, music etc. A space as cool as google offices for example. More innovation and diversity of space and more differentiation from the other coworking spaces in Melbourne.
As a designer and a startup company I would love to have my own branding in the space. As we take on more people it might be difficult to stay in the Hub but we would love to stay connected
The meeting place for people who want to connect and share and make a difference in the work that they're doing.

A nest. People aren't just taking they're giving back to the community.
Loving it. Be more of the same.
What's missing for me. There's still a gap between seeing faces and understanding where people are situated.
Globally connected - so the value proposition for us becomes we have offices all over the world.
I would like it to be a model for good things to come out of chaos. A model for a self-organising system. We're a long way from that and I'm not entirely sure it's possible.
A model for a self-organising system
I think they're doing it now, naturally it will build to something greater and I'm not sure quite what that will be - it seems to be a process that's quite organic.
That we should be able to make a big impact on social projects - that someone identifies potentials.
The hub has been great so far but now can go for greater depth of membership experience.
The connected workplace of tomorrow in which anything can be considered, through an open architecture, encouraging trust and sharing.
global network – 'a fragment of what Melbourne's doing in a global sense' creative, change, digital, work.
An innovation hub that has hosted globally recognised achievements
A place that inspires our broader society on a range of levels; a place that demonstrates that if you have a dream and are willing to work for it anything is possible; a place that acts as an incubator for some of our future leaders; and a place that has a ripple effect throughout the world.
The governance structure (decision making processes) is a little unclear to me.
Responding to the bigger picture rather than just supporting local ideas.
No different to what it ready is. just more of it- and sustainable.
Crowdfunding possibilities - could create a virtual space that hub members could work on problems for companies, for government etc..
It needs to be more challenging to itself and its members.
An epicentre for connectivity and collaboration in Melbourne; the go-to location to innovative projects and initiatives
And also the largest tenant of DWH, I'm thinking that vacant level 2 could do with the Hub touch and of course the most important thing of all...one of Melbourne's best hangouts complete with ROOFTOP GARDEN :)
A consulting-learning offering. Changing paradigms in education...to take peer to peer learning to the mainstream. Use the talents of the community.
I think it could play a role in stretching initiatives that are here - to me there's no bottom line for what type of organisations are here - how they might be more holistic, particularly ecological impact and sustainability.
I think it could play more of a role in the big picture issues - what does Australia need, what does Melbourne need.
A consulting-learning offering. Changing paradigms in education...to take peer to peer learning to the mainstream. Use the talents of the community.

That Hub enables the members to influence each other and their clients. So Hub embodies a responsible work place (social and environmental).
Don't know. The ability to be able to tap in and tap out of highly charged innovative networks.
I'd really like to learn a bit more about what people are doing. When I started I knew everyone, as it's grown that's become harder.
The next stage for Hub Melbourne getting some clarity around these issues. Who is driving the innovation through collaboration?
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