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Relationships in Juno and the Paycock

No description

Mairead Nash

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Relationships in Juno and the Paycock

Relationships in Juno and the Paycock
Juno and her family cont..
Her son Johnny is a troubled soul who is only concerned about how he is feeling.
Juno's caring nature is not received well. Johnny's cranky reaction to comfort him with "a nice cup o' tay" shows just how
selfish and consumed
he is in his own troubles.
Juno and her family cont...
In the opening scene we see how
self absorbed
her daughter Mary is. She is only concerned about what colour ribbon to put in her hair than helping her mother with Johnny's constant demands.
Juno and Mary's
relationship improves
as the play moves forward as Mary's character matures under the pressure of her crisis pregnancy.

Juno and "Captain" Jack Boyle
Juno complains about her idle husband at the start of the play.
He is only interested in drinking with his friend Joxer and in having as easy and comfortable life as he possibly can.
Juno warns him that if he doesn't get work that he can fend for himself.
Boyle resents being "harassed" by Juno.
Their relationship temporarily changes when they receive news of the inheritance. Juno begins to relax and is willing to let her husband play the part of master of the house now that she thinks they will have no more money worries.
She becomes more respectful of him.
Once it is discovered there will be no money Boyle soon returns to his selfish ways. That and his rejection of their daughter Mary leads Juno to realise at last that her husband will never change his selfish ways and she decides to leave him for good.
Over to you....
Pick any other relationship in this play and point out the key moments within that relationship.
Juno and her family
Juno is a
devoted mother and a caring wife
who feels that it is her duty to do her best for husband but she gets no support from her family.
Juno and "Captain" Jack Boyle are a married couple in
constant conflict
with each other.
Boyle is
unwilling to work
. He is selfish and has no issues with
Juno being the breadwinner
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