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The mirikle cycle

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on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of The mirikle cycle

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The miricale cycle by Luis Orozco,Sarai Cervantes,Lizet Rivera,Martin Perez
The water changes every day.It changes by the stages of the water cycle. The water also changes every day by moving around the world.Reaserching information about the water cycle was pretty hard for us.WE as a group did a lot of hard work.We reaserched information from school websites about the water cycle !!!
Fun facts about the water cycle !!
A fun fact about the water cycle is if there were no water in earth it would look like the moon!!A second fun fact about the water cycle is that water has been around like for billions of years,a dinosor probraly drank the same water as us!!!Another fun fact about the water cycle is that 83% blood 70% our brain 90%cour body have 70% of water. Another fun fact about the water cycle and the last one that we know of is that sound can travel faster in water than on air isnt that intersting!!!
Introduce to the water cycle
What would happen without the water cycle?
If one part of the water cycle were to miss it would be terrible,we would be in a drought wich we are in already.Lets say precipitation was not a part of the the water cycle.If that happen we would have no rain.If we have no rain we would be dry as a desert,what we learned about our research of the water cycle is that the water cycle, is that the water cycle recycles the water and keeps us alive.Another thing we learned about the water cycle is that the water cycle gives us water.
Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
YES, the water cycle can begin at any stage why, because water is everywhere, the water cycle can start in the stage precipitation , condensation, evaporation,and transpiration,runoff,and ground water water can start at any stage!!!
Importance of the the water conservation.
What is happen right her in California is that we are running out of water!!! We are in a serious drought. Police offcer are patroling the cites of California espacialy right in Los Angeles.We are in a drought because it had not rain at all,we are almost running ot of water.For the momment police police men had not fined any body for mow ,put please do not waste water.We are going to give you some tips on how to conserve water the tips are check your facuets for leaks,check your toilets for leaks ,and turn off the water after you wet your brush please ,trust us we do not want to run out water.
The water cycle stages .
The first stage of the water cycle is Evaporation Evaporation is when liquid turns into gas.Evaporation is basicly the opposite of condensation
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