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Lowe's All Store Meeting

No description

Megan Springstead

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Lowe's All Store Meeting

Lowe's All Store Meeting.
Right Now!

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Welcome to the all store meeting! Thank you for taking the time and effort to be here tonight. We don’t have a lot of opportunities to gather as a full team, so it's wonderful to see so many faces here. We have much to celebrate today and hopefully you will leave here today feeling even more connected to Lowe’s and our purpose for this year.
But first, I want to give a special welcome to those that have joined our team since our last All Store Meeting.

Veterans Please Stand
Everyone Please Stand
Specialists Sales Report
Specialists Sales Report
Inside Lawn and Garden:
Specialists Sales Report
Outside Lawn and Garden:
Specialist Sales Report
Pro Services Team
YTD Sales: 5,701,900
100.50% to forecast
17.79% of total store sales
Margin 35.29% vs. 34.92%

2014 EOS Results
2013: 58
2014: 65
Market: 63
US Store: 63
Customer Focus Scores
Quarter One: 83
Quarter Two: 73
0/2 in SSEI
2014 Safety
Claims: 0 Goal: 0
100% Reduction
Associate: 0 Last Year: 8
100% Reduction
Customer: 0 Last Year: 2
25% Increase
3 Auto Liability
100% Increase

Safety Team Please Stand
Wins: Two store cookouts
Goal: Four store cookouts
99% Compliance on DSHR
100% Racking Compliance
0 Government Adjacency reporting
Safety Team Information Boards
We just qualified for a cookout!!!!

Shrink Performance
.42 vs .39
2015 goal is .45
Last year we lost $157,000 on ten month inventory
This year we have already lost $52,000
Half of this is in tools

Top Five Product Groups
1. Cordless drills and combo kits
2. Electric Cable
3. Annuals
4. Light Bulbs
5. Treated lumber and decking
Last year: 26,984
This year: 18,045
Current Inventory Shrink: .42 which is flat to plan.
2015 Programs
Spiral Peg Hooks
Pick Ticket Program
Helix Cordless Battery
Circuit Breakers
Saw Blades
Blue Dot Program
Where Were Going

1. Auto Cycle Counts
2. Cyber Source Integration
3. Fraud Que
4. Return Remedy
5. H3 Light
6. Merch Card Block

Total Expenses: 3,200,104 vs. 3,414,003
Total Store Profit: 1,896,409 vs. 1,746,207
* this through period 11.
Operations Cont.
OAR Score: 91
Goal: 90
Appliances: 22.80
Goal: 30
OPE: 10.21
Goal: 15
Tools: 7.91
Goal: 11
Total: 10.75
Goal: 11
Total Growth: 3.02 basis points which was number one in district.
Cash Paid Outs
Merchandise Complaints: 16,648
Cash Complaints: 6,526
Installer Error: 2,750
Store Error: 28,475
Grand Total: 58,507

1. Markers

First Half Focus
Innovative Products
Interior/ Exterior Products
Focus of the Pro
Key Selling Events
Customer Service
HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

1696 Safety
Top Performers
EPP Close Rate Appliances YTD:
Theresa Seese: 37.49%
Bernie Thacker: 30.34%
Timothy Denton: 27.43%
Regina Brown: 27.27%
Erik Rusmanis: 24.51%
Top Performers
EPP Close Rate Front End YTD:
Rosalinda Durbin: 16.67%
Kalynn Telmanik: 12.56%
Lori Arnholt: 8.30%
Chirstine Bender: 8.16%
Kimberly Bradford: 7.87%
Top Performers
EPP Close Rate OPE YTD:
Rosalinda Durbin: 19.70%
Scott Miller: 14.89%
Kalynn Telmanik: 14.29%
Darla Kerns: 14.14%
Kimberly Bradford: 12.73%
Inspiration for Sales
Specialty Sales
Pro Services
Buy Online Pick-Up in Store
Primary Customer Complaints:
Order Not Ready: Customer Wait Time to Pick Up Their Order After Speaking with a Lowe's Employee
Customer Wait Time to Speak with Employee at Customer Service Desk
Knowledge of Employees Supporting the Pick-Up Process
In Home Sales - Project Selling Exterior
"One More" Campaign
Lead Team Engagement
PSE Quotes in the Home
How many appointments?
What are the quotes?
How many jobs did they close?
Support your PSE
In Home Sales - Project Selling Interior
Leads - Drive Total Store Engagement
Follow the Correct Sales Process
In-Store Meeting
Specialist Execution
4-Day Cycle
Review with GC prior to Design Review/Closing
Formal Handoff Meeting with Production Office
Customer Satisfaction
In Home Sales - Project Selling Expansion
Q3 Focuses
Sponsorship and Support
Follow the Correct Sales Process
In-Store Meeting
Specialist Execution
4-Day Cycle
Review with GC prior to Design Review/closing
Formal Handoff Meeting with Production Office
Leverage MSM and Sales Manager
Safety Culture Leadership:
Lead by Example
Set Clear, Realistic Expectation with Your Team
Establish Safety Culture During New Employee Orientation
Solicit Feedback
Recognize and Celebrate Safe Behaviors
Customer Focused
Constant Improvement - from Good to Great:
Major difference between a "6" (good experience) and a "7" (great experience)
Customer Focused Scorecard
IMPACT Selling Model:
Initiate Greeting
Make Assessment
Close for Next Steps
Maximize Opportunities and Build Relationships
Proper Staffing - Have the Right Pro Team at the Desk
Dedicated Loaders and Cashiers
Educating Pro Customers on the 5 Ways to Save
Prioritizing Deliveries for Top Pro Customers
Identifying Pros who Shop Your Store
Effectively Utilizing the Canopy Program
Communicating Strategic Messages
Call to Action
1) Complete planning for Customer Focused - Good vs. Great message.
2) Plan for communicating other key Mid-Year messages to your store using the worksheet
3) Share Communicating Strategic Messages content and worksheet with ASM Team, using the LDS Summary page on Mobility.
4) Share the key concepts from the session the entire store.

Safety Awards
Customer Focus
2015 score: 63
2014 score: 65
District average: 61

These scores were based off the following: engagement, work, relationship and change
Focus for 2016
Voice Team Please Rise
2016 Changes
We will continue Tuesday Staff meetings
We will combine the safety team meetings with the voice team meetings
We are eliminating specialist, cashier, pro-team, focus group, and green team meetings.

2016 Changes
LDS meetings - Jeremy and John
Red Vest - Joe, Theresa, Mark, and Kim
Computer Based Training - Scott
Binders, Reports, Floor Walks - Ossie
EMS Shirnk - Ken
Specialty - Jeremy
Safety, EOS - Travis and Angie
* Some others in the room will be asked to take on additional responsibilities and operations to benefit the store.
Inspiration for Sales
Total Sales: 33,334
Last Year: 31,392
Comp: 6.19%
Internet: 606,000
Last Year: 490,000
Comp: 23.59%

Customer Count: 517,500
Last Year: 498,00
Average Ticket: 64.42
Last Year: 63.03
Consumer Credit Apps: 1590
Last Year: 1336
Business Credit Apps: 151
Last Year: 137
EPP Close Rate: 11.84 = 168,000 to bottom line sales
PSI: 338,964
Last Year: 478,052
PSE: 571,925
Last Year: 536,628
Installed Sales: 2,283
Last Year: 2,289
SOS Sales: 3,368
Last Year: 3,203

In appreciation of what they have accomplished, can all members of the pro service team please rise.
Pro Service

Last Year: 5,586,000
Comp: 8.03
Over Forecast by 2.98
Lumber: 2,546,563
Building Materials:
Millworks: 1,602,662
Lighting: 1,624,616
Electrical: 1,299,562
Fashion Plumbing: 1,419,062
Rough Plumbing: 2,280,660
Appliances: 3,367,771
Cabinets: 1,354,792
Hardware: 1,925,895
Home Decor: 654,520
Paint: 2,391,004
Tools: 2,206,951
Inside Lawn: 1,988,872
Outside Lawn: 2,353,987
Outside Power Equipment: 1,333,280
Flooring: 1,587,318
Storage: 1,19,829
Red Vest
Safety, EMS, Shirnk
Last Year Accidents: 4
2014: 12
Shrink: .44
Last Year: .42
Current Trend: .67
EMS Updated weekly
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