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PBIS KickOff 7th Grade

Wilson Middle School PBIS Assembly

Jenna Waters

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of PBIS KickOff 7th Grade

Wilson Middle School
Positive Behavior and Intervention Support

4 Main Rules

Be safe
Be respectful
Be responsible
Be kind
Find out the positives of our PBIS Program.
Learn what we expect from you.

raffles- monthly
What are
the positives
of PBIS?
4 quarter reward events
held around report card time
Keep up with new items
School Store
Tickets to Tigers' games
Pistons' games
football gear
gift cards
school supplies
holiday themed baskets
purchased lunches
How many of you have
won something
from the raffle?

Social/Tech Time
in the GYM
Quarter 1 Event

Quarter Events
Quarter 4 Field Day Event
what we expect from you....

Challenge yourself
this year!
Be the best grade!
Keep Wilson clean!
Were you paying attention?
Q and A
Mrs. Makuch
Mr. Jesue
Prizes are involved
You can also cash your Behavior Bucks in at
P.B.'s Warrior Closet
Gently used clothing items
Name Brands
School Supplies
Keep Wilson safe!
open each Friday
Location by the
Main Office
P.B.'S Warrior Closet

Located inside of Room 113-A
Open Thursdays after school
Open Wednesdays during lunch time
Almost all items are 1 Behavior Buck
Teaching behavior expectations through character traits
One male and one female from each grade picked because they define that month's character trait
Recognition, Honors Night,
and fast pass to the lunch

Come and
Check Us

Earn a BEAR Buck
When you get a YELLOW
Report to Room 51

Near the cafeteria
lunch line
with Mrs. Farrugia
When you receive a RED ODR Card....
report to the Student Office
Sit Quietly ...
Both result in
consequences and
being invited to our Quarter Events.
Warrior Closet -2 times a week
Spin It To Win It Wheel at Lunch
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