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Trigonometry in Animation

No description

Emma Gunderson

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Trigonometry in Animation

Trigonometry in Animation
Type of Education Needed
Classes in drawing, animation, and film are required for a degree in animation
Average Salary and Employability
How Trig Plays a Role
Possible Job Opportunities
Work for Disney and Pixar
Computer and Console game development
Television Programming
Broadband Internet Animation
Broadcasting and web advertising
App Development
1) Trig is used to move objects around the screen (up/down, side/side, bouncing, waves)
2) To make characters turn 180 or 360 degrees, animators need to understand trig principles
3) Can make rotations, calculate and handle trajectory, determine collisions, find angles of trajectory, creating sine waves, drawing circular objects, finding the distance between two objects, and creating curves.
Average Salary:
anywhere between $33,840-$113,470
We use math- Animator
URL: http://weusemath.org/?career=animator
Career Igniter- Do I need To Be Good At Math To Be An Animator?
URL: http://www.careerigniter.com/questions/do-i-need-to-be-good-at-math-to-be-an-animator/
Our Process:
We went on Google and looked up "trig in animation" and "how an animator uses trig"
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