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Our trip

No description

Klasa 5B

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Our trip

Visit Poland
Our tour
The Baltic sea
The Baltic Sea is in the north of Poland. The coast is very beautiful, with lots of sandy beaches. In the summer, I often go to the beach with my friends. I love swimming in the sea. There are lots of small towns perfect for tourists. The sea is very cold and big. The Baltic Sea is salty. In winter it's cold and it's snowing. In summer the weather is beautiful but it often rains. It's warm and sunny. You can visit old lighthouses and National Parks. You can swim in the sea, go sailing, eat fresh fish and go for a walk along the beach.
A museum of rural life called Karpacka Troja is situated in Trzcinica, near Jasło in the south-eastern Poland. It is also near the Ropa river, on the hill. It is the oldest settlement place in Poland (it is 4000 years old).
This museum of rural life was an old Slavic village in the past. This village was surrounded by the wall made of wood. In the village there are: blacksmith's hut and potter's hut. There is also a small lake and a big gate to go through.
In 1995 archeologists found there some treasures (old money, silver jewellery and an old sword).
I visited this museum of rural live together with my friends in 2012. It is a really interesting and fascinating place.
The Tatras
a view from Swinica (2301 m ASL)
chamois - a species native to the Tatras
Karpacka Troja
The Tatras are a group of mountains being a part of the Carpathian mountains. They stretch from the turn of the Danube River at the Iron Gate to the Moravian Gate.
The Tatra Mountains lie on the border between Poland and Slovakia, between the low-lying basins: Podhale in the north and Spiska and Liptovská in the south. The Tatra chain consists of two main parts - the High Tatras and the Western Tatras. In shape they resemble two bows bent toward the south. The Eastern Tatras are divided into the High Tatras and Bielskie Tatras. The Tatras occupy 785 km2 of land in which the Polish part is only about 175 km2.
The highest peak of the Tatras is called Gerlach (2,655 m ASL) and it’s located in Slovakia. The highest point in Poland is Rysy (2,499 m ASL).
Wieliczka Salt Mine
The Wieliczka salt mine, located in Wieliczka, Poland is one of the oldest salt mines in the world. It was build in the 13th century. “Wieliczka” reaches the depth of 327 meters and is over 287 kilometers long. This mine has 9 floors, the first one is called Bono, it has the depth of 64 meters and the last one is 327 meters under the surface. The salt mine is now available for visiting and it became a museum. People also can do weddings there! I think it's a great place to visit, I've never been there, but I think it's amazing!
It's a lowland region in the north-eastern Poland and the Great Lakes District is situated there. Almost all lakes there are postglacial. The deepest lake there is called Hańcza Lake and the biggest one is called Śniardwy Lake. There are a lot of woods, forests and meadows around the lakes. There are also lots of wild animals like: cormorants, capercaillie, and herons. There are also a lot of plants and flowers that are rarely seen in any other Polish regions. The most famous are: low-birch, sundew, and broad orchid.
The Great Lakes District region is scarcely populated, but every year a lot of tourists visit this beautiful place. They come not only from Poland, but also from foreign countries! The landscape of The Great Lakes District takes their breath away! Mazury is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland.
It's really worth visiting!
Source: Marcin Bielatko http://mos.gov.pl
Source: http://grzesiak.kei.pl
Białowieski National Park
Białowieski National Park is located in the North-east of Poland. It was created 17 August 1932 year. In Białowieski National Park there are a lot of animals.
Aurochs is the most popular animal in the national park. It's a big animal which lives in the woods. It has got a big head, small eyes, and shorts horns.
There are also other animals such as horses, moose, wolves, wild boar, deer, lynx, beavers, martens and hares which live in Białowieski National Park.
In Białowieski National Park there is beautiful landscape! The region is flat. There are enormous woods, big fields and wetlands. The National Park is visited by numerous tourists.

Source: http://iwatour.pl
This is Gdańsk . It’s a big and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It’s in the north of Poland at the Baltic Sea . There are over 450 thousand people living there .
There are many beautiful places to see in Gdańsk. You can visit The National Museum, The Artus Court and Golden Gate, but my favourite place is Neptune Fountain. Football fans can go to PGE ARENA football stadium. In the summer you can walk along the beach and admire the views.
PGE Arena
Source: http://architerkturamuratorplus.pl
Katowice is a town located in southern Poland in the region called Silesia. This is one of the biggest cities in our country. Nowadays Katowice has got about 320,000 citizens. Katowice is famous for mining and producing industry. We can find there a lot of museums, cinemas, shopping centres, theatres and churches.
Katowice is known for a sports hall called “Spodek”. Many sport events and music concerts take place there. In my opinion Katowice is a fantastic city, where we can spend a really nice time. I would recommend visiting it to everyone.
Coal mine
Source: http://fotomargines.pl

Source: http://adrianwozniak.com
The Sudetes Mountains
The Sudetes Mountains are located in the south-western part of Poland and the northern Czech Republic, also a relatively small area is located in Germany. The highest point is Śnieżka (1602 m ASL). It’s in the Karkonosze on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. The average yearly temperature on this peak is only a little above 0 degrees Celcius.
The climate of the Sudetes is shaped by maritime air mass – it’s cool and moist in the mountains, and warm and humid at the foothills. There are a lot of waterfalls and the most popular are: Waterfall Kamieńczyk, Szklarki Waterfall, Podgórna Waterfall and Łomniczki Waterfall.
There are two National Parks in the Sudetes: Karkonosze National Park and Table Mountain National Park. The fauna of the Sudetes was transformed mainly by human activities. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there were bears, wolves, lynxes, and wildcats. In the nineteenth century eagles disappeared. Many species, especially large ones, are now extinct.
There is a large number of frequently visited fortresses, castles and palaces (Srebrna Góra Fortress, Chojnik Castle, Bolczów Castle, Niesytno Castle, Bolków Castle and many others).
Table Mountains
Source: http://przewodnik.e-wyjazd.pl
Srebrna Góra Fortress
Source: http://photo.rudzan.com
Source: http://www.kuriositas.com
St. Mary's church
Wolin National Park
Cracow is a big and old city in southern Poland. About 759,131 people live there.
Monuments and universities are important in Cracow. There are lots of monuments in Cracow: Wawel, St. Mary’s church (Kościół Mariacki), Sukiennice and Barbakan.
Cracow has got a very good culture. There are lots of theatres and cinemas. The most famous one is Teatr Stary.
Cracow is most famous for its football teams, Wisła Kraków and Cracowia. It’s also got very good sports centres for basketball and hockey tournaments.
Source: www.skyscrapercity.com

Town Hall
The castle
The castle
Source: zamki.res.pl

Szczecin is situated in the north-western part of Poland, near to the Polish-German border and it is so beautiful city. There are lots of old buildings and different things that you can see.

When you are in Szczecin, you can see amazing Dąbie lake near the Odra valley. But the Dąbie lake isn’t one and only place in Szczecin that you can see. There are some places that you can visit, too:
Chrobry Embankment (Wały Chrobrego)
The main museum in Szczecin
Martime University of Szczecin
Yonic palace
Source: http://poland.gov.pl
Neptune Fountain
Source: http://futbolbezbarier.org
Wawel Hill

Teutonic castle ruins
Source: http://polskiekrajobrazy.pl
Nicolaus Copernicus
Source: http://maria.bloog.pl
Old Town
Source: http://przewodniktorun.pl

Toruń is a city in the north of Poland. The most popular places in Toruń are:
The Old Town: this historic place in Toruń is on UNESCO list,
St. John's Cathedral,
Nicolaus Copernicus' house: this is the house of the most famous astronomer in the world,
Nicolaus Copernicus’ Monument,
Teutonic Castle Ruins,
MotoArena- the most modern stadium in Europe.
Source: http://buforstudio.blogspot.com
St. James' church
White-tail eagle
Source: http://fotoptaki.art.pl
Source: http://wczasynadmorzem.eu
Changing of the guards - the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Warsaw Mermaid - the symbol of Warsaw
National Stadium
Palace of Culture and Science
Presidential Palace
Sigismund Column and Royal Castle
Wolin National Park was created in the 1960 's at Wolin Island. It was the first maritime park in Poland.
It’s famous for the most beautiful stretches of coast, beech forests, and a unique delta of the Świna River. From the top of Zielonka hill you can admire the view of the delta.
The highest active sea cliffs reach the height of about 90 m. As a result of cliffs’ erosion, the coast line recedes about 80 cm each year.
Moraine hills cover about 75% of the Park area. In the Park forests you can find 4 post-glacial lakes: Warnowskie, Rabiąż, Czalcze and Domysłowskie. There are also artificial lakes, such as Turkusowe (Turquoise) and Stara Kredownia.
Among great tourist attractions are the remains of strongholds and other places of historic settlement, as well as the museum of a secret German weapon V-3 (in Międzyzdroje-Zalesie).
You can find rare species of fauna in Wolin. A white-tailed sea eagle is the symbol of the Park.
Łeba is a city in the north of Poland. It’s on the Słowiński coast and by the rivers Łeba and Chełs. About 3,926 people live there.
Near Łeba there is Słowiński National Park with moving dunes and lakes: Łebsko and Gardno. Pepole can see the gothic St. Nicolas church.
In Łeba people can swim in the sea and walk on the beach.
The Świętokrzyskie
Town Hall
Town Hall
Monastery on the top of Holy Cross Mt
Source: http://podroze.onet.pl
Source: http://swietokrzyskipn.org.pl

This is Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is in the centre of Poland and it is the biggest city in Poland -the population is about 1.5 million people. There are a lot of museums and shopping centres. You can visit the Palace of Culture and Science (“Pałac Kultury i Nauki”) and a lot of monuments like the Royal Castle or churches. The old town is beautiful. There is also a national football stadium built for the Euro 2012 Football Cup. In summer the temperature is about 20°C and in winter it's sometimes -15°C. Warsaw is a great city to visit, but it can be a little expensive.
City of Łódź Museum
Source: http://lodzmaraton.pl
Piotrkowska Street
Source: http://topografie.pl
Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Source: http://globtroter.pl

Łódź is a town which lies in the central Poland. About 722,000 people live there.
Łódz has got some beautiful parks. It is the third city in the country in terms of population and the fourth in terms of area. The city is famous for movies that were filmed there.
The origin of the name of the Łódź has not been explained yet. There are several information concerning the origin of the name of the city: according to one of them it has to be derived from the noble family name Łodzic. The emblem of the city shows a boat.
This is Tarnów. I was born here and I live here. Tarnów is in the south-east of Poland. About 109,000 people live there.
In Tarnów there are lots of monuments, for example: the Town Hall, Józef Bem mausoleum and Mikołajowski House. Tarnów has got lots of shops, cafes and restaurants. People can buy clothes and go to buy something.
In Tarnów there is a swimming pool and the water park. Tarnów has got lots of football fields. Children go to the court and play football. In Tarnów there are some fitness centres, too.
Tarnów is small city, but I like it! I invite you all to visit this beautiful city.
Mikołajowski House
Source: http://mmtarnow.com
Bem's mausoleum
Soure: http://cracow.travel
Ruins of an old caste on St.Martin's Hill
Source: http://wiadomosci24.pl
Sandomierz is a city in Świętokrzyskie Province, located on the Wisła River. The city is often called "Little Rome", as it lies on seven hills. Sandomierz has numerous monuments. There's a lot here. Everything is antique - from the floor in the Sandomierz Cathedral to Brama Opatowska bricks. Monuments in Sandomierz are the most beautiful in all seasons. The most popular are: Opatowska Gate, the Town Hall, the Cathedral, the house of Długosz, St. Mattew Church, Underground tourist route, St. James Church and Queen Jadwiga's gorge. In this city, a Polish serial, "Ojciec Mateusz" was filmed. Sandomierz is full of restaurants and cafes. There are also a lot of hotels because tourists often come here to visit this beautiful city.
Kołobrzeg is one of the most beautiful Polish towns. The town is located in North-Western Poland in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It’s on the Parsęta River on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. In the mouth of the Parsęta River it is the seaport. It's known both for its charm and rich history. It's a great attraction for tourists. Kołobrzeg encourages you to visit numerous monuments. There is the pier, the lighthouse right next to the beautiful blue Baltic Sea and a yellow sandy beach. Kołobrzeg is a wonderful place if you want to relax and wish for a climate change. Every tourist will find there something for himself.
the Lighthouse
Source: http;//museo.pl
Thank you
It’s the mountain range located in the south-eastern part of Poland, in the central part of the highlands of Kielce. The highest peak is Bald Mountain (Łysa Góra) - 612 m ASL in the range of Łysogóry. The name of the mountains comes from the Holy Cross that is held in the monastery on Łysa Góra.
The Świętokrzyskie Mountains have got steep slopes, deep valleys, and lots of rocks. The mountains are covered with fir and beech forests. Holy Cross National Park was created there.
The climate of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains is very different from the surrounding regions. The average annual temperature is about 1-2°C lower than the temperature in Warsaw. The average rainfall for the year ranges from 650 to 900 mm. The highest peaks are covered with snow from November to April.
The Świętokrzyskie Mountains area is a watershed tributaries of the Vistula River. To the north of the main range of these mountains extends Klonowski range, Pokrzywiański range, Bostowski range and further north lies Sieradowicki range.
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