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AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Project (Envoi)

Christine Bang

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Alienation

Alienation Frankenstein Edward Scissorhands Napoleon Dynamite Sought revenge on his creator Who exactly is Frankenstein? "hideously ugly creation" Mary Shelley Rejected by society... Hated by his own creator William, Justine, Elizabeth, Henry Clerval Was Frankenstein or his creation, the true monster? Tim Burton Inventor dies before he makes Edward's hands Is skilled at trimming hedges Ostracized by the public after Jim (Kim's Boyfriend) makes him try to rob. E.T.:The Extra Terrestrial Melissa Mathison The plants represent E.T.'s health Elliot and his siblings Michael and Gertie befriend E.T. At first his appearance scares the children, however curiosity sparks a friendship. Outcaste Lives in his creator's abandoned mansion At the end, returns home Deb and Pedro Highschool Stereotype Jared and Jerusha Hess What does this idea signify? The exchange: new monster for life Christine Bang
Mrs. Fix
AP Lit, 1st Period
9/5/12 How we view and treat people is usually based upon societal acceptance and social norms.

There are many different types of alienation; the severe type (such as Frankenstein) and the minor, more relatable types (Napoleon Dynamite).
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