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1B - Tim Cole Case

No description

Liz Miller

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of 1B - Tim Cole Case

Journalistic Expository and the Tim Cole Case
A journalistic expository text reports events and topics of interest. Its main function is to inform, but at times supports critical assessments and opinions.
As you read look for:

Who was involved?
What happened?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
Why did it happen?
Note opinions verses facts in the text.
Have you ever been wrongly accused of something?
What did it take or why didn't people believe you?
Do you think the government wrongly accuses people? If so why might they do that?
What affect do journalists have on the outcome governmental decisions if any?
Follow up Video
What are the differences in the two texts?
Do you see any journalistic bias?
What do you see as the main purpose of these texts?
What do you think is the main injustice discussed here?
Do you think someone is at fault? If so who?
If this happened in your community how would you feel?
Post Reading
Writing Project
This is an Analytical Essay- it breaks down the component parts
1) MLA Format
2) Minimum of 4 Paragraphs
Introduction Paragraph
Include a Thesis - explains the purpose of the essay
2 Body Paragraphs
1st explains the background information
2nd explains the challenge or issue
Conclusion Paragraph
3) Must use in-text citations
4) Must have a Works Cited Page
Today you can copy the Work Cited in your book
In-Text Citations
According to Mallin, her attacker was an avid smoker (Goodwyn).
Your Task
You have been hired by the governor. Heneeds an analytical report on what happened to Tim Cole's case, since the governor was not in office at the time. He is trying to decide if he will build a monument to Tim Cole or not. He needs to know the affects both options will have on the community. He has asked for an analytical report on his desk in a week with two article sources cited using MLA format describing the case.
Mallin said, "He smoked the whole time" (Williams).
When do you use in-text citations?

Quote = "Exact words"

Paraphrase = Putting someone else's ideas into your own words

In-text Citation = (Williams) aka the author's name who provided you with the information
Why do you use in-text citations?
Since you didn't personally gather the information, you need to show HOW you know this information. This creates TRUST with your reader.
Work Cited
Now if I just see you keep writing (Williams) and (Goodwyn) all in your text, I wonder who these people are. Are they creditable? Work Cited tells me the information I need to look up the original source.
It is the Last Page (separate from all other text)
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