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Justin Tesla

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Korea

Korea is on the continent of Asia
The total area of both North Korea and South Korea is 84,610 square miles. That's pretty small!
Korea only has one neighbor. That's China. Japan is also pretty close.
The capital of South Korea is Seoul. (pronounced "soul") The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang (pronounced pyowngyung)
Korean currency is the Won. ( One Won is equal to 0.00088 U.S. dollars! )
General Facts
Korea has only 4 volcanoes. But they're pretty short. Not a single one is over 10,000 feet.
Some parts of Korea are sadly becoming susceptible to environmental issues such as overpopulation and air pollution.
Korea touches the Pacific ocean. That is the only thing that separates it and Japan.
Korea is on the Amurian plate.
Another country that is close to Korea is Russia. To learn about Russia, look at the Prezi by my psycho friend Bob the six headed elvis clon cat eater jim. Yes, that's his name.
North Korea and South Korea are VERY different. Compare their average GDP (gross domestic product) per capita for example. North Korea's is a mere $1,800 per capita, while South Korea's is $35,000 per capita. Pretty big difference, right?
South Korea's main exports: LCD's (liquid crystal displays), cars, refined petroleum (gasoline), and IC's (integrated circuits). Most of these exports go to Japan, China, or the US.
South Korea's total GDP: 1.305 trillion US dollars.
North Korea's: a mere 12.3 billion dollars. Bill Gates has more money than that!
South Koreans are pretty healthy with a life expectancy of 81 years.
North Koreans? A little less at 70.
In South Korea there are four classes.They are: lower, middle, upper, and ruling.
The main religion in South Korea is Christianity, but less than half (about 40%) of the population has no religion.
Of course, most South Koreans are of Korean ethnicity, but surprisingly, 12% of South Koreans have US ethnicity.
The population of South Korea is 52 million. See why overpopulation might be a problem?
Social Structure
Thank you for watching my Prezi!
National Anthem
Korea became a country in 2333 B.C.
Korea's Bronze age was from approximately 1500 to 300 B.C
It's Iron Age was from 300 to 100 B.C.
From 100 B.C. to 918 A.D., Korea was divided into three kingdoms: Baekje, Taebong, and Silla.
The Dynasty Era, which included the Koryo and Choson Dynasties, was from 918 to 1910.
The Japanese occupied Korea from 1910 until 1945, when the Japanese lost World War Two.
Korea was split into North Korea and South Korea in 1948.
North Korea and South Korea don't agree with each other. The main reason is North Korea is Communist and South Korea is a Democracy. The two types of government are extremely different.
North Korea's Supreme Leader is Kim-Jong-Un.
The President of South Korea is Park Geun-Hy.
The three branches of government in South Korea are the same as they are in the US. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.
In North Korea, there's the Supreme People's assembly, and that's pretty much it.
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