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No description

may shaker

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of anthro

can we change out personalities?
By: May, Manal, Marvel , Shahinaz about the story. what does it talk about ? who is involved
what happens ? "meet my daughter Edith , she is going to be a genius , i shall make her into a perfect human being.
"total educational immersion" the plan
did not work because of ill health
"classic music shall beauty her soul"
12 months .. she knew her age
1 year old.. simple sentenses , identifided letters on flash cards
2 years old.. knew the alphabet
school .. elemantery school and high school Edith
few friends
gained weight
never saw her mother
by the age of 15 she was a professor
IQ testing in the end ?
alot of people say hje stole his daughters life but Aaron does not think so.
is he satisfied with his project?
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