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The Paleozoic Era

You will really enjoy this presentation. Have fun!

Chad Wireman

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of The Paleozoic Era

THE PALEOZOIC ERA The Cambrian Explosion Vertibrates Arise In the beginning of the Paleozoic Era, a great number of organisms evolved. At this time all animals lived in the Sea. Jawless fish evolved and they Were the first virtibrate. By
Chad Wireman,
Aaron Ghrist,
Elizabeth Appelhans,
Taylor McCoy!!!! Life Reaches Land The It follows the Precambrian Era - Mesozoic Era Life Reaches Land During the Devonian Period, animals began to invade the land.
plants that could grow in drier areas evolved Thoughout the rest of the paleozoic, animals invade land The Carboniferous Period During this period, reptiles developed Mass extinction Ends the paleozoic era THANKS!!!! QUESTIONS THANKS!!!!!! The fish had suckerlike mouths
THese mouths soon became common Until the Silurian Period, only one-celled organisms lived on the land Both invertebrates and vertebrates lived in the Devonian seas Although often called the age of fish, there were more invertibrates The first vertebrates to crawl onto land were lungfish with strong, muscular fins
The first amphibians evolved from these lung fish amphibian-an animal that lives part of its life on land and part of its life in water
Invertibrate-An animal without a backbone Other vertebrates evolved from the amphibians Small reptiles developed during the Carboniferous Period Reptiles have scaly skin and lay eggs with tough, leathery shells
Some types of reptiles became very large during the later Paleozoic Winged insects evolved into many forms
For example example, huge dragonflies and cockroaches Themass extinction at the end of the Paleozoic affected both plants and animals, on land and in the seas Brachiopods and trilobites were common in the Cambrian seas
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