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Yatharth Bhatt

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Ungifted

By: Gordon Korman
About the author
I would give this book 5/5 because it kept me interested all the way through.
The main characters are Donovan Curtis, Dr. Schultz, Mr. Osborne, Chloe Garfinkle and Noah Youkilis, and Katie Patterson.
Main characters
Donovan Curtis is the main character in the book who is an average , lazy and a trouble maker kid who by mistake gets an admission in a Gifted program.

The story revolves around Donovan and the mystery on how did he get admission in the academy

Will Donovan be spotted or caught ?? - Read the book to find out .

My book talk
Gordon Korman is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 75 books for kids and young adults. His writing career began when he was twelve when his seventh-grade English assignment became his first novel, which was then published while he was a freshman in high school.
Now, years later, he is a full-time writer, with more than 17 million copies of his novels in print. His books have been translated into 14 languages.
Nickelodeon recently brought Gordon`s New York Times bestselling Swindle series to life in a made-for-TV movie.
Each year, Gordon travels visiting schools, libraries and conferences, bringing his trademark humor and adventurous style to readers everywhere.
What is the secret of Gordon's success?
"It's a combination between real life and pure imagination," he says. "I always start off with something real, but then I unleash my imagination to make it more exciting, funnier, or a better story. To be honest, by the time a book is done, you can't recognize much of the real-life part. It's been changed too much. But I never could have gotten there without it."
A native of Canada, Gordon now lives with his family in Great Neck, New York.
Dr. Schultz is the Superintended of the Hardcastle middle school. He is searching for the boy who destroyed the gym ( Donovan) whose name he has forgotten. Will he be able to find the boy who is now one of the student in his school (Donovan)

Mr. Osborne is the home room teacher and head of Robotics team at the academy.
He prepares the academy students to participate in the Robotic competition and is persistent to defeat their arch rivals Cold spring harbor who wins every year. He also has suspicion about Donovan being in the gifted program as he doesn't think he is gifted at all .. will he be able to find this secret of Donovan.

The setting took place at Hardcastle Middle School, Donovan's House, and at The Academy for Scholastic Distinction
I would recommend this book to grade 6's and 7's because kids in younger grades might not understand some of the words incorporated into this book. Older kids would just get bored because it might be a easy read for them.
Thank you
Donovan is a genius for creating trouble and not school work. One day Donovan made a grave mistake, he hit the titan statue that was holding a globe on his back which fell off into the gym where there was a basketball tournament going on at the time. Donovan has been told by the superintendent of the school (Dr. Schultz) that he is going to call his parents to inform them about this mess. Dr. Schultz had Donovan's name on his desk but the secretary mistook Donovan's name to be one of the gifted student's names. A couple of restless nights later, Donovan got a letter, he thought it was from Dr. Schultz but it was actually to inform him and his family that he was going to The Academy for Scholastic Distinction. His family was amazed that he was going to a gifted school. Will Donovan be able to hide out in the academy or will Dr. Schultz find him. Read the book to find out.
Chloe Garfinkle and Noah Youkilis are both student at the academy.
Chloe and Noah are very good students at the academy, Noah wants to get out of the academy, and Chloe wants to be a normal person and wants to succeed in this academy.
Noah is very happy that a normal kid has joined the academy as he was really bored.
Chloe is interested into why Donovan is here but she is still happy because everyone is happy and comfortable when he is around and not so up tight.
Katie Patterson is Donovan's older sister that is pregnant. Her husband, Brad Patterson is with the army in afghanistan. Donovan makes her a subject for Human and Growth and Development project to avoid his friends from going to Summer School. Katie is also suspicious into why Donovan is at a gifted school because she know he is not even close to gifted.
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