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New Urbanism

No description

Jesalyn Claeys

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of New Urbanism

Click here to learn about Mechanicville Projected Population Saratoga county's projected growth rate from 2010 to 2050 is 14.82%. Mechanicville, on the other hand, only has a projected growth rate of 4.81%. Mechanicville's projected growth rate is low compared to the rest of the county. Lifestyle Employment and Income Level Transportation Most residents drive cars to work because there is little public transportation available Click here to learn about the challenges Mechanicville faces Click here to learn about solutions Improve the sidewalks Improve sidewalks so that people are more likely to walk from place to place. Implement cross walks to create an easy way for people to cross the street to and from the housing development that will be built. Develop mixed income housing Mechanicville is lacking walkability. The sidewalks near the future Esplanade are horrible Homes are segregated based on income level The Esplanade The Esplanade is a development going into Mechanicville. Some New Urban fundamentals, such as mixed use zoning and walkability, are present within the development. However, the fundamentals are not present within the rest of the city. What would it be like to live in a Sustainable community? Beginning your day:

You walk down the stairs and trip over a few toys laying in the hall. Walking through the door to the garage, your car gleams as its automatic lights flip on at the presence of a person. Your car's four cylinders fire up and the rpm's slowly drop. Pulling out of the driveway you look for pedestrians who could be roaming the neighborhood walking their dogs or making their way to the bus stop. While traveling through the curvy roads onto the interstate, traffic picks up and you begin the next phase of your 20 minute travel to work. The inevitable road rage you experience is just a normal part of the day. Now Beginning your day:

Getting dressed you notice the toys laying on the hall's floor, left there by your child, who is now sleeping soundly in the room two doors away. Realizing that you can catch your bus at the corner, which is only a two minute walk from your front door, you decide to put the toys away. Coming home to a clean home will be less stressful.
Walking out of the door, you see the multi-million dollar home a few doors down and reflect on the fact that your family has the same opportunities that they have. You talk to many of your neighbors as they get their papers. Many of them are from lower income families. This diversity makes you proud of your neighborhood.
You catch the bus on time. The 5 minute bus ride bypasses any traffic in the area and puts you in good spirits for the rest of your day. Then Click here to see what sustainable Mechanicville would look like February 2013 Do this in Mechanicville... ...because it worked here. Enrique Penalosa was mayor of Bogata, Columbia from 1997 to 2000. Not only did Penalosa's policies and actions work to combat violence in the city, they also encouraged community values and made the city cleaner. When homes are segregated based on income level, low income families do not have the same access to work and shopping that higher income families have. By ensuring that new developments appeal to diverse income levels, everyone has the same opportunities and a greater sense of community is fostered. Business: Global Foundries is a technology facility being built in Malta, NY. This is one project that will improve the economic vitality of Mechanicville in the upcoming years. Mechanicville is a small city consisting of a close-knit community. Historically, Mechanicville grew around the railroads. As railroad use has declined, the city itself has too. Now, as Malta and the surrounding area grows, Mechanicville is presented with an opportunity to thrive again. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the city must plan to grow in a sustainable way. If these changes are implemented, Mechanicville will be in the position to grow as new industry draws people to the area. We can make sustainability a priority by focusing on the value of an urban community. We have the chance to write a brighter future for Mechanicville. If we seize this opportunity Mechanicville will thrive again.
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