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global project

Julia Hunt

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of magellan

Ferdinand Magellan Spring 1480 - April 27, 1521 explore travel discover the route to the pacific ocean with Spain 1519
where it all began Canary Islands
sept. 26 1519 Spain and Portugal were the two main powers of the world at this time. Magellan was born from Portugese nobility and became a page to the queen of Portugal at the age of 12. While as a page he learned important skills of navigation, and learned about astrology, and the worlds geography as known at that time. Even through all of the services Magellan did for Portugal it brought him little favor in the eyes of the King and so if he wanted to start his travels he had to resort to working for the Spanish. His greatest joruney would be for Spain to find them a new route to the spice islands. While traveling down the coast of South America looking for a quicker route through. They checked all of the bays and rivers they saw. The men sufered from scurvy aboard the ship because of lack of vitamins they needed, so every time the came to land men were sent ashore in search of fruit and other food. He fimally found a route through after all of his failed atempts in his search for a shorter route. He named this route after himself; from that day forward it was called the straight of magellan. 'We ate only old biscuit reduced to powder, and full of grubs, and stinking from the dirt which the rats had made on it when eating the good biscuit, and we drank water that was yellow and stinking. The men were so hungry that if any of them caught a rat, he could sell it for a high price to someone who would eat it.'

Magellan died from a poisoned arrow in his foot and a spear through his chest in a war with natives in the Phillipines in March of 1521. Out of 5 ships only one came back to spain, the Victoria, with 18 surviving men on September 8th 1522. One ship was wrecked in a storm, another captured by the portugese. By: Nathan DeMario Julia Hunt Magellans men carried on after his death to finish the journey When Magellan came through the straight and saw the ocean on the other side he named it the Pacific ocean because it appeared calm and peaceful.
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