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No description

Nathzy Race

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Padono

What Is Padono? Padono’s Target Market Padono need multimedia? Padono Logo Gives customers ideas on what they can expect from the company source of the most current fashions at the greatest value

• Padono’s retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was opened in 2010. Females between the age of 18 to 30
Medium income levels

psychographics consists of:
highly fashionable women

like to stay informed,
connected and entertained. Less reading and more visuals likeable logo Business Cards Padono Malaysia updated with the latest news and trends. comfort of purchasing from home catch the attention of potential customers To introduce the brand of company • To attract customers, by creating a decent, • To differentiate our company from other company • To be more memorable. Present professional business image to customers Means of contact and displays location Padono business card Design Flyer Padono Website BUDGET http://saridru.wix.com/padonomalaysia http://m.saridru.wix.com/padonomalaysia Website template Phone template Payment Services Online Payment Service Providers: Payal, Visa, Moneybooker. Two types of making order:
Cash On Delivery, Online Payment. Delivery System • Available for whole the country no matter

• Working with Fed-Ex, DHL and GD-Ex. pos-malaysia

• Two types of delivery: Golden and Free Of
Charge Package. Delivery System Golden Package within 2 business days
and charged for RM 10. Tracking system and provided search
engine for that. Free Package within one business week. Thank you French toast Mafias Mafia List Nathan David 1101109105
Hamid Azimi 1091105440
Reshmi Hariharan 1102702680
Mohamed Ariff Ayman 1111114579 BUDGET
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