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Manuel Del Angel

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Solonchaks

Characteristics of solonchak
Universidad Tecnológica de Altamira
Subject: English
Physical and chemical analyzes
Solonchaks are soils with a high content of soluble salts. The redistribution of carbonates and gypsum turns out to be an important differentiation horizons in soils in dry areas mechanism.
Physical and chemical soil analysis
Thank you very much for your attention
1.- Morphological characteristics
3.- Physical Characteristics
4.- Chemical Characteristics
Electrical conductivity
Total Organic Carbon
Total nitrogen
Soil color
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Soluble salts may accumulate at depth or in areas with water table close to the ground surface.
The term derives from the Russian solonchak words "sol" meaning salt and "chak" meaning salt area, hinting at their saline character.
Solonchak exist within the floor 4 subgroups
Solonetz: with a high percentage of absorbed sodium ions in the exchange complex, specific alkaline soils.
Gypsisols: with a horizon of secondary enrichment plaster.
Durisols: nodes with a layer of material by silica cemented soil.
Calcisols: with enrichment of secondary carbonates

The specifications for fertility, salinity and soil classification, sampling study and analysis.
Sampling technique
Exploratory and monitoring
Sampling types
Solonchaks are largely confined to arid climatic zones, semi-arid and coastal regions under all weather party. Some international common names are "saline soils" ("Saline Soil") and "salt Affected soils" ("salt-affected soils").
2.- Hydrological characteristics
5.- Biological Characteristics
Soil sampling for identification and quantification of metals and metalloids, and sample handling.
Exploratory sampling is designed to obtain preliminary information about the site
Monitoring sampling, is designed to acquire information about the variation in concentrations of specific parameters for a specific time or within a specific geographic area.
The first step in planning the sampling activity of a contaminated site is to define the objectives, which in environmental sampling, are mainly divided into
exploratory and monitoring
Sampling expert judgment
Random sampling
Stratified random sampling
Systematic sampling
The basic sampling equipment includes a clean bucket, plastic bags, auger tube hole fertility or blade (gardener, straight).
Sampling equipment.
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