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Air Masses

No description

Nicole Martin

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Air Masses

What is pressure?
Air Masses
and pressure differentials
What is mass?
Essential Question
What is the explanation of air masses and how do they move?
Air Mass
body of air with horizontally uniform temperature, humidity, and pressure
It's how our temperature and weather are transported
Cool... but what is temperature exactly?
Which Means?
And... What is Pressure?
Check this out...
Get out a piece of paper
What is atmospheric Pressure?
What is the correlation between temperature and pressure?
How do you know???
Let's think of some real world examples. Write at least three.
Let's work on the worksheet!
The AVERAGE Kinetic energy of the particles.
Explain that in your own words...
How fast the "stuff" is moving!
Try to explain it in your own terms. What is it and how do you know it's there?
Write observations.
force exerted by the weight of the air
Are they lifting air???
Write three new things on your sheet from earlier.
Watch the following... you tell me.
Let's go over what the worksheet meant!
Exit Ticket
On your sheet write a reflection or conclusion about air masses, pressure, and temperature!
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