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Welcome to the Vaca Pena Singers!

Syllabus overview, fundraising, concerts, Edmodo.com, and Q&A.

Colby Hawkins

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Vaca Pena Singers!

Welcome to the Vaca Pena Singers!
Agenda: Syllabus, Fundraising, Concerts, Edmodo, Q&A
VP Singers' Goal will be $3000 in pledges
October 22nd, 2014 Performathon from 2-4pm
We need each student to earn on average, $75 in pledges. I posted one Facebook Status and earned $145 in pledges in 3 min. We can do this! The student who earns over $600 in pledges in my class will earn $100 cash! This is in addition to the other incentives offered by the music dept as a whole. (Pie in the teacher's face, class party, $50 cash prizes).
This money is used to fund student field trips (Mondavi Center) as well as to purchase music and supplies. It'd be great to fund raise enough to purchase beautiful dresses for the girls and classy tuxes for the boys. Our choir uniform currently is a white button up shirt, dark skirt/dark pants, dark leggings, dark shoes-all from home/thrift stores.
I will not be taking the Vaca
Pena Singers to Oakland on Dec 10th for our Holiday concert. We will instead have a concert in Vacaville, TBD.
The Fall Concert on Oct 16th
will be held at St. Joseph's Church
in Vacaville on Marshall Road.
Nothing to sell! Just collecting pledges, not money.
Students may take online assessments via cell phone, home computer, ipad, tablet, or anywhere with internet connection. Edmodo will break down each assessment, tell me not only grades but questions students missed the-most along with other useful data to help me improve as a teacher.
I may poll students anonymously to check for understanding and receive feedback on the effectiveness of my teaching.
I initiate debates/discussion that are ongoing and often answered by students at home.
I reward students with custom 'badges' that appear on students' profiles (hard worker, peer leader, free homework pass, perfect score, great effort, etc.)
Students build unity amongst their peers and as an ensemble within the medium of Edmodo (via posts on their wall that are filtered and monitored by me before they appear).
All HW and Quizzes are now posted on Edmodo for
the entire length of the course! Students may work
in advance, like a college course, and be done with
all of the choir hw/quizzes for a semester in one weekend.
Back to school night edition
What will I be teaching?
How can parents support their students?
1) Please check school loop and Edmodo.com at least once a week and encourage students to turn in any missing work/quizzes.

2) If possible, please provide a way for your student to access the internet daily at home, the public library, or at a friend's house. All assignments are submitted online, graded online, and posted online.
What type and amount of homework can students expect? What is the best way to contact me?
There is a music literacy quiz
each Friday
on Edmodo.com. There are 5-10 min videos to view at home
each Monday
. This is a flipped classroom (lecture watched at home, HW done in class via guided teacher discussion). Participation in our Fall and Holiday
concerts are required
to pass the class (family vacations, work, routine appointments, etc. do not qualify for excused absences).
Dates of concerts will be discussed shortly.
The best way to contact me is via e-mail at Colbyh@VacavilleUSD.Org
What if a student isn't doing well? How can they get
extra help?
We are lucky to have Mrs. Hawkins as a our choir
assistant, a fully credentialed music teacher, who
uses progress report print outs each period, circles
missing assignments and then invites students to
come get help in the office during class to complete
missing work.
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